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If you have come to Chernihiv for the first time, and you don't have much free time, then this excursion is just for you! 3 hours is quite enough to see the most interesting sights of our city, which is compactly located in three historical zones, such as Vala, in the area of Krasna Square and the Boldy Mountains. The tour is possible both on foot and by transport. This is the most popular Chernihiv excursion because it is the most optimal for the first acquaintance with the city, its history and architectural monuments!

The program includes the most prominent sights of Chernihiv:

- Ditynets (Val);

- Catherine's Church;

- Red Square;

- Friday Church;

- Yelets monastery;

- Boldyn mountain;

- Anthony Caves;

- Trinity Cathedral.

You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient and at the same time modern Chernihiv - take a walk along the fortress rampart on which ancient cast-iron cannons stand, descend into the mysterious dungeons of the Antoniy Caves, view the panorama of the city from the high bell tower, take a photo near the monuments to Prince Mstislav, Hetman I. Mazepa, Cossack Colonel M. Nebaba, Archbishop L. Baranovych, chronicler Nestor, poet T. Shevchenko, make a wish near the "Miracle Stone", admire the panorama of Chernihiv monasteries and the picturesque floodplain of the Desna River from the territory of the Upper Castle, and much more!

Price for 1-10 people, regardless of the number of participants. Walking tour.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian, may be in other languages on the request.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)

5 reasons to choose tour


To fall in love with Chernihiv at first sight and forever


To see all the main sights of the city at once


To take great photos of picturesque landscapes


To take a walk in cosy parks and squares


To hear interesting stories from the guide and legends of the city

Key landmarks


Dytynets (Val)

Dytynets, or as the locals call it, Val is the central fortified part of ancient Chernihiv, the residence of the Chernihiv princes. Many architectural monuments of the past have been preserved on the territory of Dytynets. This is the oldest of the preserved churches of Russia, the Savior and Transfiguration Cathedral (XI century), the tomb of Chernihiv princes Borysoglib Cathedral (XII century), the building of the Chernihiv Collegium - the oldest educational institution of the Left Bank of Ukraine (XVIII century), sung by many legends "Mazepa's House" ( 17th century), a collection of cast-iron guns on the fortress rampart (17th-19th centuries). Knyazumsky Dytynets is the real heart of ancient Chernihiv!


Catherine's Church

The Church of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine is called the "business card" of Chernihiv - its slender snow-white silhouette rises on the hill at the entrance to Chernihiv from the Kyiv side and is the first to greet guests of the city with the glitter of gilded baths. Catherine's Church was built at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries.. in honour of the Ukrainian Cossacks who distinguished themselves during the storming of the Turkish fortress of Azov in 1696. The true decoration of the church is the iconostasis - a unique work of modern art! Cossack coats of arms carved from wood are especially attractive. Now it is the cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


Krasna Square

Once a shopping centre, Krasna Square was already in the 20th century. becomes the main, administrative square of the city. All major Chernihiv events take place here - concerts, fairs, festivals, rallies. It is here that the main city Christmas tree is put up and the rink is poured during New Year's holidays. Krasna Square as early as the 19th century. was lined with clinker bricks, which have mostly survived to our time. Today, the architectural ensemble of Krasna Square consists of both buildings of the 19th century and those erected in pre- and post-war times. The central place is occupied by the majestic structure of the Drama Theater in the style of an ancient temple, behind which, in the square, the fragile Pyatnytska Church of the 12th century hid. - a masterpiece of Kyiv Rus' architecture.


Yelets monastery

Yeletsky Dormition Monastery, the oldest in Chernihiv and entire Left-Bank Ukraine, was founded by the son of Yaroslav the Wise, Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich of Chernihiv in 1060, at the place of the miraculous apparition of the icon of the Mother of God, nicknamed "Yeletsky", on the branches of a fir tree. Now the miraculous Yelets icon, dating back to the 17th century, is the main shrine of the active women's monastery. In the 12th century, the main Dormition Cathedral of the monastery was built, which has preserved the largest volume of Old Russian frescoes in Chernihiv to this day. Other buildings on the territory of the monastery are also unique, namely the oldest of their kind on the Left Bank of the Dnieper. And literally across the road from the monastery rises the largest Chernihiv burial mound - Black Tomb, where, according to legends, the legendary founder of Chernihiv - Prince Black, who gave his name to the city, was buried...


Boldyn mountains

The Boldyn Mountains are probably the most mysterious, mystical place in Chernihiv, surrounded by numerous tales and legends. Numerous barrows were piled here over the burials of pagans from Chernihiv, there was a pagan sanctuary of the supreme Slavic god Perun, and a cave monastery founded by the "father of Russian monasticism" Reverend Antony Pechersky was active. Now, this unique complex is known all over the world as "Antony's Caves" with the 11th-century Illinsky Church. Nearby, on the neighbouring hill, stands the complex of the Trinity Cathedral (XVII-XVIII centuries), which also includes the refectory of the Vedenska Church, a high bell tower, the cells of the monks, the rooms of the archimandrites of the monastery (now the Theological School), as well as the Chernihiv diocesan administration.

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.