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Our journey, familiar to most guests and Lviv residents, through Rynok Square and nearby streets, can intrigue even those who have already visited Lviv several times. Our guide will tell who, with whom, when and why? Who from Lviv was the first to bring kiwi to Europe? What was the cost of the first car in Lviv? What was hidden in the artificial hill on the mountain High Castle? How much gold was spent on the restoration of the Opera House? We will reveal the secrets of the secret signs on the walls of Lviv temples and defense structures. You will learn how Lviv residents hid the most valuable thing they had - water - from their enemies. Who were the "pomadniki" and what did they do? You will learn about all this and more during our non-classical walk through Lviv.

We start every day at 10:00!

(This tour is a group tour and takes place under the condition of recruitment of at least 4 people. If you want to reserve a guaranteed place on the tour, we recommend choosing a private tour of NON-classical Lviv)

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5 Reasons to choose a tour



Take a look at Lviv through little-known facts and secrets



Get to know the city center in a few hours


An interesting story

Find out how the people of Lviv lived until our time


Must see

A city tour, and also atypical, is the first thing to do while in the city



Two hours of exciting walking around the city is an ideal option for those who value their time and want to learn something new

Key landmarks


Roman Catholic Cathedral


Armenian Church


Boim Chapel


Old Russian and Jewish quarters


Town Hall


Latin Cathedral


Opera theater


Liberty Avenue

What is included?

Accompaniment of the guide

Accompaniment of the guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.