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There are about 100 active temples of various confessions in Lviv. We suggest visiting those of them that are located within the central part of Lviv and which can be easily reached on foot.

The first shrine along the route of our tour is the Jesuit Church (1630) - the first Baroque church in Lviv. Thanks to the galleries on the second tier, this church can accommodate the most people compared to other churches in Lviv.

Nearby is the Latin Cathedral (XIV-XV centuries), it is the main Polish temple of our city, the best-preserved monument of Gothic Lviv. Here, you can hear several times a day, during Mass, the sounds of playing one of the best organs in Lviv. The Chapel of the Boims (1615), a family church and the tomb of one of the Lviv merchant families, snuggled up almost to the very cathedral.

The Bernardine Church (1630) and the Church of the Clares (XVII century) are located side by side. The first until the end of the 18th century was used as a monastery church of the monks of the Order of St. Bernardine, and now it is the current Greek Catholic Church of St. Andrew, and the second - in ancient times belonged to the women's Claris Monastery, and now serves as the Museum of sacred baroque sculpture by master Johann Pinzel.

Going further, we see how the Barefoot Carmelite Church rises on a hill (1634). The modest Baroque building was surrounded by walls and looked like a small fortress in the Middle Ages. Nearby is a functioning monastery.

Assumption Church (1629)is the only Orthodox church in the central part of the city of Lviv in the Middle Ages. The church was built by Italian architects by order of the Ukrainian community of the city. A holistic architectural ensemble with the Assumption Church is created by the Chapel of the Three Hierarchs (1591) and the Kornyakt Tower (1578)

Nearby you can see the large dome of the Dominican Church (1764), a remarkable monument of the late Baroque in Lviv. The inscription on the facade "Soli Deo honor et Gloria" means: "Only God is honour and glory." Near the former monastery, which is now used as the Museum of the History of Religion.

Next in line is the oldest Armenian temple in Europe, the Armenian Church (1363). You will be interested in the mystical frescoes of Jan Henryk Rosen inside the shrine.

Having passed a little further, we get to the Church of the Transfiguration (1898). This is the youngest temple in the city centre of Lviv, however, going inside this shrine, you can see what a typical Greek Catholic church looks like.

The Church of Mary of the Snow (1344), as well as the Church and the Benedictine Monastery (1616) are almost on the same street. These small structures have a long history. The Church of Mary of the Snow was founded by German settlers and for some time it was the main Catholic church of the city, and the Church and the Benedictine monastery still have a beautiful Renaissance bell tower.

The Church of John the Baptist (XIII century) according to legend, was built by order of Prince Leo for the Dominican monks who arrived in Lviv together with the prince's wife, Constance of Hungary. The church acts as a Greek Catholic church and the Museum of the most ancient monuments of Lviv.

The Church of St. Nicholas (1292) is considered the oldest church in Lviv. Icons of the 17th century are kept here, and some of the new murals are filled with historical themes. The appearance of the shrine combines the features of Ukrainian and Balkan architecture.

You can meet for the tour at the monument to Taras Shevchenko on Svobody Avenue.

Entrance tickets to excursion objects are paid additionally (if you wish, visit these tourist objects in the interior):

—  Latin Cathedral: 10 UAH;

—  Armenian Church: 10 UAH. (adult), 1 UAH. (student, pupil).
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