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Secrets of the "Odesa Cinderella" palace

Author's excursion to the Palace of the Fat with a musical welcome from the guide Olga Potehina

The unique romantic story of the owners of the most beautiful buildings in the city will come alive and resonate during a walk in the exquisite authentic interiors. The best of those preserved in the city — they did not freeze in museum silence, but breathe and inspire even today.

A special mood is added by the charming melody that sounds from under the keys of an old luxurious grand piano, performed by a guide who has been exploring the topic in all its interesting nuances for many years. But don't expect a sleepy-melancholy "movement of the long past"!

This is a story of love and stormy passions, which were ultimately put to the benefit of the city and its citizens. Patrons become - under purely personal circumstances, which are incredibly interesting to explore.

We will admire the complex of the estate and the gallery, we will walk through the halls, the courtyard and the service premises, we will visit the enchanted garden and collect details, nuances, shades in a box of impressions...

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian

How it will happen

Let's see everything that usually passes "by the eye"! The doors that usually guard their secrets will be opened for you, and the guide's narration will place apt accents and will not hide intrigues and prosaic reasons. The washerwoman Olena from the estate in the Kherson province and the moment of restoration of the interior of the palace — here you will see how relevant everything is! And very interesting. You will learn: What distinguishes and separates the Odesa Tolstys from the famous distant relatives? Who should be greeted at the beginning of the walk so that the White Lady will take us under her protection? At what price will the Opera be and how did the family in Odesa, which dared to have an unequal marriage, position themselves? What unusual roles can cupids play in a ballroom? How to invite your beloved wife on a romantic date? Which artists are the best in the world, and which ones are also in Odessa, and who should be supported with orders? Dogs, horses, people - everything is important in the activities of the Tolstys Will you be able to hug the trunk of a sycamore with the title of "botanical monument"?

Dates: every day

The price is indicated for an individual order from 1 to 20 people.

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Cool guide

Local guides have always been famous for their interesting stories. But this time they are not only interesting storytellers, but also real professionals in their field.



Odesa is a sight in itself, the city is saturated not only with beautiful architecture, but also with the spirit of seaside life. The city is incredibly beautiful and authentic.



Excursions around the city do not take much time. In addition, you can order a personal guide for you and your friends for any day, which is very convenient.



Our team will always help you with reservations and related services (especially if you are traveling from abroad). We will help you solve all force majeure and problems and enjoy your vacation.



Perhaps our excursion is not one of the cheapest, but you will definitely be satisfied with the result. In addition, you can take friends with you and split the amount together with them, or go with colleagues or group mates, which will be even cheaper.

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Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.