About this tour

Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odesa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises!

Our guides are keen on history of Odesa and shifting in time and space. They always provide an adventurous journey through centuries in the Time Machine. You will walk the streets, stepping after A.Pushkin, I.Babel, F.Castro, S.Eisenstein, V. Kandinskiy, Mark Twain and looking at Odessa exactly as they used to. Enjoy every route as much as every tourist attraction you’re heading for. Columbus and Magellan once took the longest routs, so to get pleasure on the way to destinations.

You can act their way. Experience the Planet Odesa in detail!

During a 2,5-3 hour tour you will see French, Italian and Primorskiy Boulvards, Pushkinskaya Street, Shah’s and Vorontsov’s palaces, the Potemkin Steps and Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The price includes:

- support throughout the route;

- professional guide;

You can also purchase from our website:

medical insurance;

train, bus, plane tickets;


The tour is individual and conducted in Ukrainian, English. 

5 reasons to choose tour


Fall in love with Odessa


Hear interesting stories


Feel the flavor of the city


Get to know the architecture of the city


Have a fun and positive time

Key landmarks


Primorsky Boulevard

One of the symbols of Odesa is not the main street of the historical center.


«Teschin» bridge

Place a small copy of Duchess Charlotte's Bridge in Luxembourg.


The Potemkin Stairs

In its own way a monumental building. There are many stories, mysteries and specific facts connected with it.


Deribassovsky passage

There are no equals in Odesa in terms of the number and scope of stucco and sculptural design of the Passage.

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.