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12 Oct. 2022


Returning to a Ukrainian school from abroad: answers to frequently asked questions



Returning to a Ukrainian school from abroad: answers to frequently asked questions

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You and your children left Ukraine because of the war, but you want your child to continue studying in a Ukrainian school?  We publish an explanation of how students abroad can get Ukrainian school education and how to return to study in Ukraine if necessary.

Ukrainian children who are abroad can:

1. Continue studying at their own school online or join distance learning at another Ukrainian school. 

2. Receive education in an individual form of external or family (home) - in a general secondary education institution of Ukraine, in particular where the child studied before going abroad.

3. Apply to the International Ukrainian School (IUS) for external study or one of the organizations with which IUS cooperates abroad for weekend study.

4. Join full-time classes or institutions for IDPs in the host country.

Please note! In many European countries, it is compulsory for children to receive education in local educational institutions. However, Ukraine offers its citizens various forms of education according to the Ukrainian program, which can be carried out in parallel, remotely and at a convenient time. To obtain a Ukrainian document on education, a child must be enrolled in a Ukrainian educational institution that has a license to conduct educational activities.

For convenient distance learning, you can use: the electronic library of Ukrainian textbooks and the "All-Ukrainian School Online" portal for grades 5-11. The Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine also made a selection of additional educational platforms for Ukrainian schoolchildren.

How to return from abroad to a Ukrainian school?

If a child has studied at a school abroad and did not continue his/her studies at a Ukrainian school at that time, then in order to be enrolled in an educational institution in Ukraine, the student must pass the final assessment. And admission to 5-11 (12) grades of gymnasiums and lyceums may be based on the results of competitive selection, if any.

If the child does not have a document (or a copy thereof) on the previously obtained level of education, the school conducts an assessment of knowledge. This is necessary to determine the class to which the child should be enrolled. 

Upon a written application of parents or guardians and the decision of the pedagogical council, children may be left in a certain class to re-acquire general secondary education. 

What to do if a child was abroad while studying in the 9th grade?

To be enrolled in the 10th grade, a child must obtain a certificate of basic secondary education, that is, the completion of 9 grades. To do this, students must pass an annual assessment or external independent evaluation at any school in Ukraine.

If a child study in the 10th grade in an institution that does not provide basic secondary education, in order to obtain a document on the appropriate level of education, it is necessary to pass an external assessment in another institution.

Annual evaluation is usually carried out before the beginning of the new school year in accordance with the schedule and tasks. They are agreed by the pedagogical council and approved by the head of the educational institution.