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16 Oct. 2022


What to do if you find an explosive object: detailed instructions



What to do if you find an explosive object: detailed instructions

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7
Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Russia continues to sow panic among the civilian population of Ukraine and shell our cities. The State Emergency Service has repeatedly warned that there are cases of scattering of various items filled with explosives in crowded places and bomb shelters. These can be mobile phones, children's toys, packages, bags, etc.

In addition, due to incessant bombing, you can come across unexploded ordnance. Also, due to active hostilities in various parts of Ukraine, the chances that weapons will fall into the hands of a civilian are really high. What should you do if any of the above has happened to you? Read on.


1. DO NOT touch, DO NOT move the suspicious object;

2. Mark the place where it was found with a stick, stones, clothes, a bag - anything;

3. Loudly warn the people nearby about the find. Make sure that everyone moves away from the object at a distance of about 100 meters;

4. Call 101/102 or write in the messengers of the police or the State Emergency Service and report the find.

Remember! Do not use a mobile phone or any means of communication near a suspicious object!

5. Wait for the appropriate services to arrive and dispose of the suspicious item. Be careful!

Pay attention! Even the slightest impact can contribute to detonation: shock, impact, heating, friction. You can find something similar not only in settlements, directly in ruins, but also anywhere - even in nature.


In Ukraine, a special website has been created with advice on what to do in case of finding unexploded ordnance. There is a photo database of what such things can look like, and detailed advice on what to do:

1. DO NOT approach, DO NOT touch with your body or any object! Even if you cannot recognize exactly what you have found, do not look, but quickly move to a safe distance (up to 100 m) and watch for other people to do the same;

2. If you saw it up close - mark the place with any object, take a picture of the find;

3. Notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the State Emergency Service (tel. 101 / 102) or leave a request on the website;

4. DO NOT wait for services to arrive. This may take some time.

Remember! Do not smoke, light a fire, carry out soil-shaking works, pour, cover or cover with unexploded ordnance.


From March 3, 2022, all Ukrainians are allowed by law of the Verkhovna Rada to use weapons against invaders, even without a properly issued permit (Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring the Participation of Civilians in the Defense of Ukraine". However, if you do not know how to use it, do not join the ranks of territorial defense or Armed Forces of Ukraine, and are an ordinary civilian, you should immediately report the find to the police (102), or contact the maintenance representatives available in the area.

If you still decide to keep your weapons and use them to defend against an aggressor, remember that you will need to hand over the "trophies" to the National Police with all available ammunition no later than 10 days after martial law is lifted.

Keep calm and take care!