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31 Oct. 2022


Is it possible to issue a passport outside the place of registration: answers to frequently asked questions



Is it possible to issue a passport outside the place of registration: answers to frequently asked questions

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We create materials and work 24/7 thanks to your support

After the start of a full-scale war, many Ukrainians had to leave their homes and quickly evacuate from the territories of hostilities. In this connection, some of them could forget or simply lose their passport as a citizen of Ukraine or a passport for traveling abroad.

At the same time, some Ukrainians who left the combat zone could have their documents taken away by Russian troops while crossing the checkpoint.

Given the prevalence of the problem and to speed up the process of restoring the issuance of relevant documents, the government decided to introduce a number of innovations.

As the Ministry of Reintegration explains, identification will be carried out with the involvement of witnesses, the circle of which has been significantly expanded. Also, witnesses can now be interviewed via videoconference.

How exactly will the identification procedure take place?

• A citizen who is being identified must personally be present at the State Migration Service (SMS) employee, and family members confirming his identity can be interviewed via videoconferencing.

• Verification of the fact that a person belongs to the citizenship of Ukraine can also be carried out according to the available records of the customs service, other state and unified registers, information bases owned by the state.

How to get a passport that is already ready, but not issued due to the cessation of the migration service in connection with the occupation or hostilities?

On October 28, at a meeting of the Government, Resolution No. 1220 "On Amendments to Certain Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Regarding the Processing of Identity Documents and Confirming Ukrainian Citizenship" was adopted.

From now on, the completion of the document registration procedure (passport of a citizen of Ukraine and foreign passport) can be carried out by a different territorial unit of the State Security Service than the one that received the documents.

Manufactured passports for their issuance to citizens will be forwarded from one territorial subdivision of the State Security Service to another on the territory of Ukraine or to foreign diplomatic institutions (embassies, consulates).

In addition, it is possible to generate an e-passport of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as a foreign e-passport (we are talking about documents displayed in the "Diia" application) for persons who could not get a ready-made passport due to the temporary occupation of the territory of Ukraine or active military actions.

Issuance of a passport for a child

This procedure has been simplified for parents who are abroad and want to issue a passport for their child in a foreign diplomatic institution.

If earlier the consent of both parents was required, now it is possible to issue a passport for a child on the basis of an application from only one. And another close person, indicated by parents or other legal representatives, will be able to receive the made passport, for example: an adult sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, etc.

Let's remind!! For Ukrainians deported to Russia, the government has introduced a pilot project that will make it easier and faster for them to return home. Read the details in our article.