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09 Nov. 2022


How to enter Ukraine and not fall under missile fire: safety rules for foreigners



How to enter Ukraine and not fall under missile fire: safety rules for foreigners

Purchase insurance for entry into Ukraine
Purchase insurance for entry into Ukraine

Ukraine has been defending itself against a full-scale invasion by russia for the ninth month. However, despite the state of martial law, foreign citizens can cross the Ukrainian border.

Fighting is concentrated in the east and south of Ukraine, some Ukrainian cities in these regions are temporarily occupied by russia. It is impossible to get beyond the collision line, because it seriously threatens your safety. However, it is possible to visit the regions on the territory controlled by Ukraine, however, only if a certain list of rules is followed. For more details on whether it is currently safe for foreigners to stay in Ukraine, see the link.

How to get to Ukraine and cross the border

Air traffic in Ukraine has been stopped, you can get there by land transport - by train, bus or your own car.

Border crossing points with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova are open and safe. Checkpoints with russia, Belarus and Transnistria are closed.

To cross the border of Ukraine, it is necessary to provide: a valid passport, a visa (for citizens of countries with which the visa regime is established) and confirmation of the purpose of the trip. Also, do not forget that there are still coronavirus entry restrictions in Ukraine, in particular, it is mandatory to have an insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage. You can learn more about how a foreigner can enter Ukraine during the war in this article. The rules for moving personal belongings when entering Ukraine are collected at the link.

Curfew in Ukraine

It is very important to find out the duration of the curfew in the region you plan to visit before your trip. A curfew is a time imposed to maintain law and order. Usually, the curfew lasts from 11:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. the next day. During this period, it is not possible to be in public places and to move through the streets by transport or on foot.

You can find out about the length of the curfew in your region here.

Missile attack: safety rules in Ukraine

There is currently no completely safe region in Ukraine. The threat of rocket fire remains in every region. Of course, no one in Ukraine is safe from a missile attack, but when moving around the country, try to choose routes that do not pass by military facilities, administrative buildings and critical infrastructure facilities. Most often, russia chooses these institutions as the target of its attacks.

How to find out about a possible missile attack?

The authorities and the military always warn of a possible missile attack. The "Air Alarm" signal and special mobile applications are used to inform the population:

The "Air Alarm" signal sounds like a wailing siren for 30-60 seconds. However, the total duration of the warning signal may be between three and five minutes.

Airborne Alert mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play Market or AppStore to get instant airborne alert alerts in selected locality.

WARNING! In no case do not ignore the signal "Air alarm" - it can save your life.

What to do when you heard the signal "Air alarm"?

If you heard the signal "Airborne alarm" or received a corresponding notification in the application, take the "alarm suitcase" with you and immediately go to the shelter.

You can find the basic rules of behavior in the shelter here.

It is impossible to stay in entrances, under arches and on staircases, in the basements of panel houses, near automobile equipment, gas stations and under the walls of buildings made of light structures. These places are unreliable, and you can find yourself under rubble or get injured.

Please note that shopping centers, shops and other establishments do not work during the threat of rocket fire, and public transport also stops working. Therefore, make each of your routes taking into account the availability of the nearest shelters.

It is possible to leave the shelter only after receiving the notification "repulse of the air alarm" (signal or message in the application), because after the salvo, the firing results are usually clarified and the fire is adjusted, or the position is changed.

Where to hide during rocket fire?

It is best to hide in specially equipped bomb shelters or the subway.

If there is no shelter nearby, follow the "two walls" rule, when you are separated from danger by at least 2 walls. Because one will probably collapse from the impact, and the second will take on the fragments of the wall, window glass, etc. Therefore, it is safe to hide in a place located behind the second retaining wall from the facade.

Sit in the corner of the room below window level. There should be a wall in front of you. It is not recommended to hide in the kitchen, as there are many fragile objects, and in the bathroom, if there is a mirror.

If the threat of rocket fire caught you on the street, then you need to lie down on the ground where there is a ledge, or at least in a small depression. Protection can be provided by concrete structures, shallow underground wells, wide drainpipes and ditches. To avoid concussion, cover your ears with your hands and open your mouth.

If you are in a car or public transport during rocket fire, get out of the car and go to the nearest house or shelter. If the buildings are far away, move away from the car, lie on the ground and cover your head. Hiding under a car is extremely dangerous! If the shelling is so dense that it is impossible to get out of the car, crouch as low as possible in the cabin and cover your head.


In order to get more detailed information about a visit to Ukraine during the war and to have quick access to it, download the Safety Note for Foreigners in Ukraine at the link. We have also collected important recommendations and useful tips for safe entry and stay in Ukraine.