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21 Nov. 2022


Issuing a passport during wartime: everything you need to know



Issuing a passport during wartime: everything you need to know

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Obtain, restore, exchange - in this material we have collected all the information related to domestic and foreign Ukrainian passports during the war. How and where can one get what to do with a lost document, and what are the current changes in legislation? Let's talk further.

How to issue a passport during the war?

If you live in a territory controlled by Ukraine and where hostilities are not taking place, the procedure for issuing passports, both internal and for travel abroad, remains unchanged.

If you are an internally displaced person, then you can apply to any other unit of the State Migration Service at the place of your actual stay, Administrative Services Center or the unit of SE "Document".

How to get a ready-made passport in another place?

If you previously applied for a domestic or international passport, but did not wait for it to be issued because of the war, you can get a passport at other regional units of the State Migration Service.

Ready documents will be sent for issuance from one territorial subdivision of the State Internal Revenue Service to another within Ukraine, as well as abroad.

Citizens of Ukraine abroad will be able to pick up ready-made documents at diplomatic institutions or a separate unit of the Document State Enterprise.

To receive a ready-made passport, you need:

- choose a territorial unit of the State Security Service convenient for you, and if you are abroad - a diplomatic institution or a separate unit of the SE "Document";

- personally submit an application in an arbitrary form for obtaining passport documents;

- wait for a notification from your chosen territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a foreign diplomatic institution or the State Enterprise "Document" about the arrival of your document there.

What if you lost your passport, and you need to verify your identity?

If you need to identify yourself as a citizen of Ukraine, you can provide the following documents: a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, a diplomatic passport of Ukraine, an official passport of Ukraine, a seafarer's identity card, a crew member's identity card, an identity card for returning to Ukraine, temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine.

If you do not have any of these documents, then electronic documents such as a passport or foreign passport can be used to identify a person in the "Diia" application.

In addition, during the period of martial law, the government launched "eDocument", which is also reflected in "Diia". This document contains the necessary information for the identification of a person.

But if you have lost a physical document, first of all you need to contact the police, and then the Center for the provision of administrative services or the territorial body of the State Migration Service.

In some cases, to confirm your identity, you may need an installation procedure at the migration service. The citizen who is identified must be present to the employee of the State Migration Service, and family members who confirm his identity can be interviewed by video conference. Verification of the fact that a person belongs to the citizenship of Ukraine can also be carried out according to the available records of the customs service, other state and unified registers, information bases owned by the state.

How to extend the validity of a foreign passport during the war?

The possibility of extending the validity of foreign passports and entering information about children in diplomatic/consular institutions of Ukraine, regardless of the situation, was restored on November 1, 2022. The specified services will be provided free of charge within one working day.

You can stick a photo of children in an adult's passport or extend a foreign passport only in two cases:

– If the territorial bodies/units of the migration service, embassies or consular institutions do not have a connection to the Unified State Demographic Register to issue a new foreign passport.

- If a citizen of Ukraine needs to go abroad immediately for his own treatment, accompanying a seriously ill person or the death of a relative who lived abroad (such a reason must be supported by relevant documents).

How to extend the validity of a child's foreign passport:

- In order to extend the validity of the document of a child younger than 16 years, a new photo corresponding to the current age is pasted into the passport. The legal representative of the child can initiate the renewal of the passport.

- To extend the validity period of the foreign passport of a child aged 16 to 18, it is not necessary to stick a new photo card - the photo is updated at the child's request.

What changes in the legislation regarding the issuance of documents need to be taken into account?

Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the current legislation, which simplifies the procedures for issuing and issuing foreign and domestic passports:

- now the presence of both parents at the Consulate for the issuance of a foreign passport for a child is not mandatory, the requirement to provide written consent of the second parent/legal representative has also been canceled

- one of the parents, who submits documents for the issuance of a foreign passport for a child, can identify another person to receive the document, but such a person can only be the other parent, an adult son or daughter, relatives, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother.

- the period of storage of a foreign passport for obtaining it has been increased to 2️ years (without taking into account the period of martial law in Ukraine or quarantine established on the territory of Ukraine). This term can be extended up to 3 years at the written request of the applicant.

We will remind you! The State Migration Service is returning to de-occupied Kherson. We talked about which departments work and which documents can be issued here.