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26 Nov. 2022


18 useful portals, applications and Telegram channels for internally displaced persons

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18 useful portals, applications and Telegram channels for internally displaced persons

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Do you need legal advice? Order the "Private lawyer" service online — quickly and professionally

There are many international organizations, volunteer centers and resources working in Ukraine that provide various types of assistance to internally displaced persons. In this article, we have collected the most useful contacts that will help you evacuate and settle in a new place.

• Evacuation

The portal from Ukrzaliznytsia "Vezemo": information support, evacuation flights within Ukraine and abroad, checking flight delay times, etc.

• Dwelling

On the website "Where they are waiting for you" you can check the available shelter options in different regions of Ukraine and find out their occupancy level. Advice on accommodation will be provided at the number of the contact center.

The "Pryhystok" portal provides information on accommodation options for IDPs, affordable housing, financial assistance and other consultations.

The online resource of the public organization "Dopomagai" provides free temporary housing in safe cities of Ukraine or abroad, provided by caring people.

• Documents

The "Diia" application stores electronic copies of your passport, TIN, birth certificate of children, extract of place of residence and other important documents. Also, in the application, you can get an IDP certificate, submit an application for financial assistance, report damage to property from military operations, or use other functions.

• Assistance (financial, psychological and humanitarian)

You can apply for financial assistance from the state and international organizations, as well as receive help from volunteers, on the "eDopomoga" platform.

The psychological support project "Poruch" is an online and face-to-face psychological support group for teenagers and parents whose usual lives have been disrupted by war.

You can also find the help of a psychologist in the "Teplo" mobile application.

The "Lepta" mobile application was created for the fastest and most effective mutual assistance between citizens of Ukraine in war conditions.

The "Turbotnyk" bot (@turbotnyk_bot) helps 24/7 Ukrainian displaced people to get a temporary home and necessary things in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which work as points of care.

"Potreba" service is a quick help finder, here you can find transfers, temporary housing, humanitarian aid and medicine.

Information platform "Vzaemodiya" - quick and easy search for information during the war: housing, help, psychological support.

• Security

Alerts about the air alert in the area where you are in the Air Alert app, available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

@Hotovyi_do_vsioho_bot provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about emergency preparedness, as well as tips for dealing with dangerous situations.

• Blackout

Map of establishments that work during the absence of light: LUN.

• Work

Online appointment at the Employment Center, quick search for vacancies and resumes throughout Ukraine.


Portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine: submit an application to the PFU, get a certificate OK-5 and OK-7 and make an appointment online.

• Medicine

Online ordering and delivery of medicines Liki24.

"" search for necessary drugs in the nearest pharmacies.

In addition, you can find out current rules of entry to Ukraine and exit to any country in the world, relevant and useful information about social, financial and other types of assistance in Ukraine and abroad on our website -