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29 Nov. 2022


Visit Ukraine: how to move around the country safely



Visit Ukraine: how to move around the country safely

Purchase insurance for entry into Ukraine
Purchase insurance for entry into Ukraine

In Ukraine, it is not forbidden to move between regions and cities during the war. However, unfortunately, there is currently no completely safe region in the state. The threat of rocket fire remains in every region.

You can read whether it is safe for foreign tourists to travel to Ukraine now in this article. Today we will talk in more detail about the rules for traveling through the territory of Ukraine in the conditions of martial law.

General safety rules in Ukraine

• Martial law has been imposed on the entire territory of Ukraine, which provides for certain restrictions for citizens and tourists. However, if your rights have been violated, contact law enforcement agencies or specialists. You can get legal advice on any issue 24/7 from Visit Ukraine partners.

• Fighting is concentrated in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. Therefore, choose safer regions for travel. It is better to consider the cities in the west of Ukraine.

• It is worth making a route taking into account the availability of shelters near the places you plan to visit. Immediately go to a safe place after hearing the "Airborne alarm" signal. Download the Airborne Alert mobile app (from Google Play Market or AppStore) to receive instant airborne alert alerts in the city of your choice.

• Curfew is in effect throughout Ukraine. During this time, it is forbidden to be in public places and to move through the streets. Therefore, plan your excursions and transfers in accordance with this schedule.

• Check the opening hours of the establishments you plan to visit, because many of them have changed their working hours or even closed due to the war.

What is prohibited in Ukraine?

• Be near critical infrastructure facilities, military facilities, strategic enterprises, and take their photos.

• To hold mass events (festivals and concerts).

• Travel to the eastern regions of Ukraine, to the war zone.

What should be considered when building a route?


Air service in Ukraine does not work. The safest form of transport is the railway. There are also additional accommodation and food points for passengers, in case of a long delay.

A wide network of bus routes is developed in Ukraine. You can also travel in your own car. However, before the trip, it is absolutely necessary to check the availability of road connections and the serviceability of bridges and crossings.


When looking for housing, it is better to give preference to options that have a shelter, or it is located nearby. Currently, there may be a lack of affordable housing in the western regions of Ukraine due to the large number of refugees. Therefore, we do not recommend going on a trip without confirming the reservation.

Personal safety

Take care of your personal safety: take warm and comfortable clothes, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and a power bank with you. We also advise you to carry medical or war insurance (for foreign citizens), which includes both medical aid and personal belongings' insurance.

There is also a threat of a blackout in Ukraine, so you need to be prepared for it.

For more details about where you can rest during the war, see the link. This article also contains important recommendations and useful tips for safe entry and stay in Ukraine.