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Free education for Ukrainians in the USA: how to apply for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program 2023-2024

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Free education for Ukrainians in the USA: how to apply for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program 2023-2024

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

The "Global UGRAD" initiative is an exchange program for Ukrainian students who will be able to study in the United States of America for one semester. The initiative is supported by the Bureau of Education and Culture of the US State Department, the US Embassy in Ukraine, and the World Learning organization.

Thanks to this program, talented young people can gain deeper knowledge of the specialty they are studying at a Ukrainian university. Recruitment for the 2023-2024 academic year is currently open. We tell you how to apply, what costs the program covers, and what Ukrainians will study in America.

Who can participate in the "Global UGRAD" program?

The program is designed for undergraduate students who meet certain criteria:

• Are citizens of Ukraine, live on its territory and study at a university in the 1st-2nd full-time course during the competition period;

• Older than 18 years at the time of starting studies in the USA;

• Have a high level of academic success, demonstrate leadership qualities and conduct active social activities;

• Motivated to study in the USA;

• Have a high level of English;

• Can start studying in the United States from September 2023 or from January 2024.

The major of the student does not matter. However, we will add that those who want to study medicine or law will be introduced only to the basic courses of these specialties.

Global UGRAD takes a diversity and inclusion approach to applications, and students of all races, religions, ethnicities, and genders are encouraged to apply. Candidates with physical disabilities are also invited to apply.

Who cannot participate in the contest?

• Students living in the USA or other countries;

• Students who have a permanent residence permit in the USA;

• Masters students;

• Employees of the US Embassy in Ukraine and government agencies that are part of the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine and their immediate relatives: husband/wife, children, sisters, brothers, parents, etc. This prohibition expires one year after the employee completes the term of service or contract work in the specified institutions and organizations;

• Employees of the World Learning organization and their immediate relatives.

How are the winners chosen?

The main indicator is the participant's academic and personal success.

Duration of the "Global UGRAD" program

Finalist students of the program will study at an American university during the semester.

What costs does the program cover?

Program participants will receive funding for tuition, flight to the USA, accommodation and meals. In addition, the program covers health insurance, study materials and a monthly stipend.

Students will be accommodated in dormitories of colleges or universities in different states of the country. You cannot choose a university on your own.

What will students study?

Students will be offered professional disciplines, as well as American studies. The standard number of academic credits is 12. Upon prior agreement with the university and the World Learning organization, it will be possible to expand their number.

In addition to training, program participants will volunteer.

How to apply for participation in "Global UGRAD"?

Register on this site and get access to the interactive form filling system. During registration, you can add letters of recommendation and other important documents.

Pay attention! Documents can be submitted only in electronic format.

Prepare the following documents:


Questionnaire for participation. Fill in the fields in English;

Copy of the first page of the foreign passport. If you do not have one, submit a copy of your internal passport;

Letters of recommendation with English translation. Please note that they must be certified. One letter must be written by your teacher or academic supervisor, the other by an employer, coach, mentor from a volunteer program, or community activities coordinator;

A copy of the medical certificate or an extract from it, certified by the seal of the educational institution. Also prepare a translation, which must be certified by the institution that translated it. Uncertified documents and translations will not be considered;

An official certificate indicating the name of the higher education institution, faculty and course. Translation is not required;

• First-year students must attach a certified copy of the certificate of completion of secondary education and an appendix to the certificate. An officially certified English translation is also required;

• If available, you can add a copy of the results of standardized exams for the level of the English language;

• If you wish, you can also add certificates, Olympiad diplomas or diplomas. Upload them to the "Portfolio" section.

Remember that each of your documents will be checked with the relevant institutions. Please note that after sending the questionnaire, you will not be able to edit it.

Application deadline

It is possible to apply until December 15, 2022. Forms sent after this deadline will not be considered.

We would like to add that the program will start in September 2023 or January 2024.

Importantly! Participants may not change the dates of participation in the program at their own discretion. Students who will study in the USA will be there with a J-1 visa (Exchange Visitor visa). They must also return to Ukraine after graduation.

The curators of the program will personally review each questionnaire. During the selection, attention will be paid to individual opinions and original way of thinking to make sure of the candidate's motivation to participate. If plagiarism is found among your papers or letters of recommendation, you will be disqualified.


In order to receive additional information or answers to your questions, write to [email protected].