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21 Jul. 2023


11 natural wonders of Ukraine worth seeing with your own eyes



11 natural wonders of Ukraine worth seeing with your own eyes

Ukraine's exceptional natural wonders are striking in scale and beauty. They are shrouded in legends and mysteries that scientists are still trying to unravel. Learn more about the unique places in Ukraine created by nature

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Ukraine is rich in natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage sites, a storied history and delicious cuisine. The interest in Ukraine is growing every day, which means that the number of tourists wishing to visit the country is increasing. Why tourists come to Ukraine and what are the most visited places, read here.

We also recommend paying attention to the fact that since July 1, Ukraine has lifted all covid restrictions and quarantine measures, which has eased the rules for crossing the Ukrainian border.

We invite you to learn more about the natural wonders of Ukraine, in particular, about the unique places that nature has created from water, mountains, trees, and rocks.

We tell you where in Ukraine you can see a lake that disappears and reappears, an active volcano, the world's longest cave, or a city "on the water."

The town of Vilkovo

"The "Ukrainian Venice" is located within the Danube Plains Biosphere Reserve, which is home to unique flora and fauna.

The houses here are built on water, and the villagers travel around in small boats and grow rare Novak grapes. The town is also known for its fishing enterprises, and Danube herring is the main product here.

Veselets Lake

There is another mysterious place in the Khmelnytskyi region. Every 10 years, a lake appears and disappears here. It is said that sometimes a meadow turns into a huge reservoir stretching for three kilometers.

The mysterious lake is a paradise for many species of birds and fish that are not found in the Khmelnytskyi region.

Podilski Tovtry

A national nature park in Khmelnytskyi region, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the Carpathian beech primeval forests and ancient forests in Germany.

The coastal reef, which runs parallel to the ancient coastline, is a unique site in the world. The arcuate ridges reach a height of 400 meters above sea level and hide rare medicinal plants and mineral water springs with healing properties in their slopes.

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Starunya volcano

The only active volcano in Ukraine is located near the village of Starunya in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

This mud volcano is a reminder of the first environmental disaster in Ukraine in the 19th century. There used to be an oil tower here, but when local reserves were exhausted, the mines were flooded 

The water began to melt the rock wax, and then the methane began to heat this mass, increasing its volume. The gas needed an outlet, and it found it in an abandoned well.

The volcano became active in 1977 after the earthquake in the Vranca Mountains in Romania.

The tunnel of love

This is the most romantic place in Volyn, located along the railroad track between the villages of Klevan and Orzhiv.

The botanical phenomenon is formed by a dense tangle of trees and bushes; three times a day a train runs along the road, breaking tree branches and maintaining the arched shape of the tunnel.

According to a local legend, if a couple in love walks through the tunnel, making a wish, it will come true, and if they kiss, their love will last a lifetime.

Hiss waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine is located on the northern slopes of the Carpathians. The water falls in a picturesque cascade from a height of 14 meters.

The waterfall has become a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. Since 1993, a festival has been organized annually near the waterfall, bringing together hippies and representatives of other subcultures and ending with the Midsummer holiday.

Lake Svityaz

This is the deepest and largest natural lake in Ukraine, located near the village of Shatsk in Volyn.

Its water is so clear that you can see the bottom even at a depth of 8 meters. In addition, the lake water contains silver, iodine and glycerin, which have healing properties. Girls who bathe here say that their skin becomes smoother and brighter after bathing.

Dniester Canyon

This is the largest and most beautiful canyon in Ukraine.  Its total length is about 250 kilometers. The "walls" of the valley reach a height of 120 meters, and there are numerous historical buildings on the slopes.

The rocks covered with 200-year-old oaks hide caves shrouded in legends. Nearby, there are waterfalls, such as the Tears of the Virgin Mary, flowing down the rocks.

The Dniester Canyon is not the only incredible Ukrainian canyon. Read about the most beautiful canyons in Ukraine that definitely deserve your attention here.

Optimistic Cave 

This is the longest gypsum cave in the world. It is located near the village of Korolivka, Ternopil region. The cave was formed 14 million years ago.

Its greatest treasures are considered to be secondary mineral layers that have been building up over tens of thousands of years. These are mainly gypsum crystals of various shapes and colors.

At the bottom of the cave's labyrinth is an underground lake that resembles a water mirror. It is interesting that the temperature in the cave is constant throughout the year, fluctuating between 9-10°C.

Stone village

One of the most mysterious places in Ukraine is a collection of huge boulders on several hectares of forest. Scientists believe that the megaliths were brought here by glaciers.

But according to local legend, there used to be an ordinary village here, to which an old man came. When he asked the villagers for bread, he received nothing. Then the god, who was actually hiding under the guise of an old man, got angry and turned the whole village into stones.

The arrangement of the stones really resembles a road: there is a "house", a "church" and a "school". Tourists always visit the stone with the "god's footprint," which is believed to grant health and fulfill wishes.

Urytski rocks

Located on the left slope of the Urychanka valley, the rock is a unique natural and archaeological monument of national importance in Europe.

An amazing 50-meter-high rock rises through the forest, bearing petroglyphs with sun symbols and a two-meter-high image of a human face carved into the rock.

Every year, the Urytska Rock hosts the Tu Stan festival of Ukrainian medieval culture, which attracts many fans.

Each of these unique locations can be easily reached by train or bus. You can choose plane, bus or train tickets within Ukraine and between cities around the world here.

For your convenience, we also recommend booking a hotel in the desired region of Ukraine in advance. And in order to protect yourself from unexpected expenses during your vacation, we advise you to take care of reliable health insurance.  

Ukrainian natural wonders are breathtaking. These amazing locations undoubtedly amaze with their beauty. To see the spectacular views of lakes and waterfalls, volcanoes and caves, you can choose a tour of Ukraine to your liking.

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