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31 Mar. 2022


Abandoned Chornobyl and torture of civilians: breaking news of March 31



Abandoned Chornobyl and torture of civilians: breaking news of March 31

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• For the last day, the Russian military dropped phosphorous bombs on Maryinka, Krasnohorivka and Novomykhailivka in the Donetsk region. As a result of shelling in these settlements there are 11 wounded, from them 4 - children;

• Massive shelling of Kharkiv region continued - 47 strikes from artillery, mortars and tanks. About 380 shellings from Grad and Smerch were recorded. Izium remains the fiercest point;

• Missile strikes were carried out on a military unit in Dnipropetrovsk region - the administrative building and fuel depot were destroyed. Two were killed and five were injured;

• In temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian military replenishes its ships with cruise missiles: there is a high probability of strikes on Odessa. British intelligence warns that despite Russia's statements about the reduction of troops in the directions of Chernihiv and Kyiv, fierce fighting is possible in the coming days in Kyiv region;

• Soldiers of Azov battalion in Mariupol destroyed many enemy infantry. Neutralized terrorists were found with looted jewelry and money. In the temporarily occupied areas of the city, Russian criminals rob civilian apartments, kill and rape city residents;

• The independent Russian poll center Levada Center reports that 83% of Russians support Putin's policies. Before the war, the rating of support fluctuated at 70% of "innocent" Russians;

• Ombudsman Liudmila Denisova stated that at least 400,000 Ukrainians had been forcibly deported to Russia. Approximately 100,000 of them are children. Earlier it was reported that documents were confiscated from deported Ukrainians and they were taken en masse to depressed areas of Russia with a ban on travel for 2 years;

• Russian occupiers shot dead 5 buses with volunteers on their way to Chernihiv;

• In a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Putin said that "it is not yet time for a ceasefire in Ukraine";

• Cases of torture and blatant crimes of the Russian military against civilians are recorded. In the Kherson region, nails are reported to have been driven into the hands of Ukrainians. Interceptions of the occupiers by the Security Service of Ukraine testify to the rape of minors;

• Occupiers have left the Chornobyl NPP.