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04 Apr. 2022


Services for searching for those missing during the war



Services for searching for those missing during the war

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The war knocked on our house suddenly. Many Ukrainians have lost touch with their relatives and hope to find them as soon as possible. The following is a list of online services to help you find those missing during the war:

1️⃣ Search for the missing

One of the largest resources for searching for children and adults who disappeared during the Russian invasion. The channel is easy to navigate with hashtags with city names.

2️⃣ Search Ukraine 2022

Telegram channel for finding people all over Ukraine. To submit a search request, you need to fill out a Google form, then it will be sent to volunteers and territorial defence fighters.

3️⃣ The child is not alone

The Office of the President, together with UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, has created this bot to help children in difficult wartime situations. Here you can place a search warrant or report a child found.

4️⃣ Nadiia bot

Chatbot to find people in Kharkiv. To use it, you need to provide detailed information about the missing person by answering simple questions.

Ukraine has also set up a National Information Bureau to collect and summarize data on Ukrainian prisoners of war, the dead, the missing, and illegally detained by the occupiers, including civilians.

☎️National Information Bureau Hotline: 1648

For calls from abroad: +380 44 287 81 65

We hope you never have to use these services, but we advise you to keep the publication.