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09 Apr. 2022


Polish Railways simplifies the rules of free use of trains in Poland for Ukrainians

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Polish Railways simplifies the rules of free use of trains in Poland for Ukrainians

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From now on, Ukrainians who do not have a passport or PESEL number, but have a train ticket from Ukrzaliznytsia, issued in Ukraine for travel to Poland, can provide it for free travel documents in Poland.

Save the ticket for the train you bought in Ukraine (both electronic and purchased at the box office) for travel to Poland - it entitles you to travel by rail across Poland not only on the day of crossing the border, but also later.

Other rules of free use of Polish railways for Ukrainians remain the same, Ukrainians who have crossed the border since February 24 and belong to the following groups can take advantage of the possibility of free travel on TLK and IC 2nd class trains:

- children under 18 years;

- women;

- men over 60 years;

- men aged 18 to 60 with disabilities.

Boarding trains - on free tickets received in advance at the box office, which are issued on presentation of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a travel document from Ukrzaliznytsia for a train to Poland or a notice of assignment of PESEL number together with any other identity document.

Citizens with disabilities also need to present documents proving their disability (Ukrainian - also suitable). Citizens whose disabilities are visible to the naked eye may not provide the relevant documents.

Citizens of Ukraine can transport luggage and animals free of charge.

Ukrainians can also travel abroad for free in Poland, following the same rules (free tickets are available at international ticket offices).