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29 Oct. 2023


In what cases may a foreigner need the assistance of a lawyer in Ukraine?

Tourists in Ukraine


In what cases may a foreigner need the assistance of a lawyer in Ukraine?

Foreign nationals planning their trip to Ukraine may encounter certain legal difficulties. We will tell you when a foreigner may need legal assistance during their stay in Ukraine and where to find it

Do you need legal advice? Order the "Private lawyer" service online — quickly and professionally
Do you need legal advice? Order the "Private lawyer" service online — quickly and professionally

Even despite the military risks, foreign citizens continue to come to Ukraine.

We have already told you that in the first 7 months of 2023, 1.3 million foreigners crossed the Ukrainian border. Most often, representatives of Moldova (573,545 people), Romania (232,942 tourists), Poland (136,604 citizens), Hungary (72,635 people) and Slovakia (31,393 citizens) visited Ukraine. However, there were also visitors from quite distant countries - New Zealand, Mexico, Madagascar, Bangladesh and others.

Most of these people visited Ukraine for short-term purposes - tourism, personal trips, business meetings, etc. However, a significant percentage of foreigners remained in the country for permanent residence (before the start of the full-scale invasion, more than 400,000 people lived in Ukraine on the basis of a permit).

Life in another country has certain difficulties, in particular, it is difficult for expats to understand the intricacies of the legislation of the new country of residence, and Ukraine is no exception. After talking with foreigners in Ukraine, we highlighted the top problems they face here. We will tell you in detail later.

What legal difficulties do foreigners face in Ukraine?

● The procedure for obtaining a visa to Ukraine and the list of documents for visa-free travel:

- Citizens of the EU, the USA, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Japan and many other countries of the world have the right to visa-free entry to Ukraine, but on the condition that the duration of the trip is less than 90 days within a 180-day period, and the purpose of the visit is tourism, visiting relatives or other short trips. Also, at the border, it is necessary to confirm the purpose of the trip or have an invitation from a citizen of Ukraine, show a sufficient level of financial security, etc.

- If you are a citizen of a country that does not have a visa-free regime, then you need to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine. The list of documents depends on the foreigner's citizenship and the purpose of the trip to Ukraine.

● Drawing up documents for long-term residence and employment in Ukraine:

Foreigners and stateless persons who wish to do business or work in Ukraine must obtain additional permits: for employment, a residence permit, and an identification number (TIN). In the absence of the necessary permits, foreigners may receive a fine or even be deported from Ukraine.

1. Temporary residence permit - issued for foreign citizens working in Ukraine, for their family members and for foreign citizens who have married a citizen of Ukraine. The basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit is an employment permit, marriage documents, etc. A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year and may be extended after the expiration of this period.

2. Employment permit - required by foreigners who plan to work in Ukraine or hold the position of manager of their own enterprise. It is issued for a period of one year and can be extended after the end of this period.

● Obtaining a stateless identity card for leaving Ukraine.

● Registration of the place of residence of foreigners in Ukraine.

● Peculiarities of employment in Ukraine.

● Obtaining a certificate of criminal record

● Obtaining a TIN (taxpayer identification number).

● Ways of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship.

● The procedure for joining the International Legion.

● Registration and conducting business in Ukraine

- Features of taxation and accounting.

- Starting a business, choosing an organizational and legal form of business.

- Requirements for registration of companies, organizations with foreign investments and representative offices of foreign companies.

- Inspections and audits.

● Rules for conducting investment activities in Ukraine.

● Real estate transactions.

● Inheritance.

● Opening an account in Ukrainian banks.

● Protection of interests, including in court: for example, if a foreigner violates the rules of stay and residence in Ukraine:

1. Staying in the country without a residence permit or with an expired one;

2. Employment without a work permit;

3. Violation of the rules of movement and change of residence;

4. Violation of the registration procedure;

5. Violation of conditions for crossing the state border;

6. Living in the country after the expiration of the residence permit.

Such violations lead to the fact that a foreign citizen can be deported from the country and prohibited from further entry into the territory of Ukraine.

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How can a foreigner solve complex legal issues while staying in Ukraine?

To resolve complex issues related to the residence and stay of a foreigner in Ukraine, contact highly qualified lawyers.

An approximate list of issues that a specialist will help solve: documents that a foreigner needs to cross the border, an insurance policy, prohibitions when entering Ukraine, obtaining a visa, entering Ukraine on a foreign-registered car, entering Ukraine by foreigners with an expired a residence permit, documents required to issue a permit for a temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine, temporary registration, consulting assistance at the DMS, obtaining a personal identification number, requirements for doing business, protection of rights, representation of interests in court and other issues of interest to the client.

Consultation or full support of a lawyer can be obtained via the link.

We remind you! Ukrainians, foreign citizens and stateless persons are free to enter the territory of Ukraine during the war, but subject to certain restrictions. Find out all about the current rules for crossing the Ukrainian border and the documents required for this in our article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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