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24 Feb. 2024


Two years of war: everything you need to know about russia's invasion of Ukraine

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Two years of war: everything you need to know about russia's invasion of Ukraine

Today is exactly two years since the russian army invaded Ukraine. During this time, the Ukrainian people have probably experienced one of the most difficult periods in history. Find out what these two years on the frontline have been memorable and what the consequences are for Ukraine

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Exactly two years ago, on the night of 24 February, the russian army crossed the border with Ukraine and invaded a sovereign state, ruthlessly destroying everything in its path. We are telling you about the most memorable and, on the contrary, the most terrible moments of the two-year struggle of the Ukrainian people for their freedom.

These two years have been a period of trials, resilience and heroism for the Ukrainian people, who have borne the burden of aggression and defended their freedom and independence. From the very beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainian military and civilians have shown incredible heroism and determination in the fight against the occupier. Soldiers and volunteers from all over Ukraine have united in defence of their homeland, showing great professionalism, courage and selflessness in the fight against a superior enemy.

What happened in those 24 months is history that is worth remembering today.

The chronology of the war in Ukraine

During the first months of the war, the Ukrainian army demonstrated what seemed impossible to others: it defended the capital, Kyiv, launched a counter-offensive and inflicted significant damage on the enemy.

After the invaders were driven back from the capital and other northern regions, the Ukrainian army began planning its offensive, which was aimed at liberating the occupied territories and reaching the universally recognised borders of 1991.

Ukraine had already shown everyone its resilience and indomitability. But after the destruction of the Moskva cruiser, which sank on 14 April in the Black Sea, the world realised that the Ukrainian people were capable of not only defending themselves but also responding to enemy aggression.

In the summer of 2022, Ukraine achieved its first victory. During the operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Zmeinyi Island, dealing a crushing blow to the russians and destroying all enemy equipment. The russian soldiers had no choice but to flee.

For several months, the Ukrainian forces had been accumulating resources and planning their next move, which will definitely go down in history books in the future. It was a brilliant operation to liberate the Kharkiv region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to carry out a classic blitzkrieg, pushing the enemy back several dozen kilometres in two days. 

But the Kharkiv operation was not the only one. At the same time, Ukrainian forces methodically struck the occupiers in the Kherson direction with all their might, which eventually led to the complete liberation of the city of Kherson. We all remember the tears of joy of the people who greeted the Ukrainian soldiers in the central square of the city. 

A few months later, Ukraine learned for the first time what a blackout was. The russian occupiers were striking at Ukrainian critical infrastructure almost daily, forcing children to give up their education and doctors to perform complex operations by the light of a wax candle. Insidious bombings and scheduled blackouts have not broken the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

Winter is over, and the light has returned to Ukrainian homes, but the situation at the front was getting worse with the arrival of warm weather. Ukrainian troops were preparing for a new offensive, and the russians were doing their best to capture Bakhmut. Bloody battles continue near this settlement to this day.

The summer of 2023 began with a Ukrainian counter-offensive in Zaporizhzhia region. It lasted until November of the same year. It should be noted that the russian army had prepared for the Ukrainian attack.

Against the backdrop of Ukraine's counter-offensive, the head of the russian PMC Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced a "march on moscow" to overthrow russia's military command. The attempt, as expected, failed, and after a while, the russian regime announced that Prigozhin had died in a plane crash.

By the end of autumn 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were grinding down enemy forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction, and then something happened that no one expected. The United States of America exhausted its funds to support Ukraine, which left Ukrainian troops facing a shortage of ammunition and, with great effort, moving to defence. The delay in aid from Washington continues to this day, and its consequences led to the withdrawal of the Ukrainian army from Avdiivka.

Is the world on the verge of World War III? What is happening and what do experts say?

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Russia's losses in the war

russian dictator vladimir putin did not calculate how strong the resistance of the Ukrainian people would be when his army came to their land.

According to many politicians and experts, putin's decision to invade Ukraine was a mistake. This is also evidenced by the number of losses suffered by russia. For example, during the 2 years of the war, the russian army lost

- over 400,000 personnel;

- more than 6,500 tanks

- more than 12 thousand armoured vehicles

- 338 aircraft;

- 325 helicopters;

- 25 ships and 1 submarine.

Consequences of the war for Ukraine

Russia's war has brought destruction, fear and civilian deaths to Ukraine. According to the United Nations, over 10,000 civilians have been killed and about 20,000 more injured in the two years of russian aggression in Ukraine. The war has claimed the lives of more than five hundred children.

russia has also organised mass deportations of Ukrainians from the occupied territories. According to the Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, by the end of 2023, russians had deported almost 20,000 Ukrainian children.

In addition, Ukraine has faced mass migration - millions of citizens have moved abroad or become internally displaced. 

The war dealt a massive blow to Ukraine's economy, affecting all sectors, especially the agricultural sector.

Ukraine has stood, is standing and will stand

Against all odds, Ukrainians have stood up to these two years with their heads held high. Despite the suffering and losses, Ukraine continues to fight for its independence. 

Ukraine sincerely expresses its deepest gratitude to all its defenders for their undying courage, unwavering loyalty and undeniable heroism in the struggle for freedom and independence of our country.

With the formation of a new warring Ukraine, every defender, every soldier, every volunteer has become a steadfast resistance against the enemies of the state. They protect the homeland from external threats, putting their courage and strength of mind into a difficult battle for the country's future.

On this day, we express our sincere gratitude to all Ukrainian defenders for their selfless work, their heroic service and their invincible will to win. May God keep them all safe and may they always return home safe and sound. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

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