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24 Apr. 2024


Where will Ukrainians invest in 2024?



Where will Ukrainians invest in 2024?

As you know, money has to work and make a profit. Therefore, when free capital appears, questions arise: where to invest it, how to make a profitable investment, and what kind of income can be expected. Find out where Ukrainians are investing their money in 2024

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Investing is an effective tool for achieving financial stability and securing one's future. However, in the conditions of the war, the economy of Ukraine is not experiencing the best times. The general level of geopolitical tension in the world is also increasing, which additionally affects the world of investments.

  Where will Ukrainians invest in 2024? We will find out further.

Top investment tools among Ukrainians

According to experts' estimates, in 2023-2024, the vast majority of Ukrainians will invest their money in the following investment instruments: 40% - real estate, 30% - deposits, 20% - shares and 10% - cryptocurrencies.

● Deposits

Many Ukrainians invested their money in hryvnia deposits in 2023. Given that the rate of inflation was reduced from 26% to 5.1% during 2023, deposits in the national currency brought a real return. On average, after paying taxes, the depositor received 11.2% per annum.

However, as of January 1, 2024, the average return on hryvnia deposits was 14.2% per annum. Considering this year's planned inflation at the level of 10-10.5%, keeping funds in banks will barely save savings from depreciation.

A deposit in foreign currency for a year could bring a net income of about 2.3%.

● Investing in government bonds

In 2023, the state placed annual OVDP at 18.5% per annum. Given that, unlike deposits, income from OVDP does not require paying taxes, this type of investment brought income that is 3.5 times higher than the inflation rate.

At the beginning of 2024, the yield of annual OVDPs in hryvnia was 16.8%, so if the experts' calculations prove to be correct, investing in OVDPs will bring investors an income that will exceed inflation by 6.5-7%.

● The stock market is a financial market where you can enter into agreements to buy and sell shares, bonds and other securities. That is, companies sell their shares and bonds to investors who are looking for where to invest their money

Advantages: the ability to diversify your portfolio, access to a wide range of investment opportunities, the ability to get high profits in the long term.

Risks: volatility of share prices, high risks of capital loss.

● Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is exchanged on the Internet on special exchanges.

Advantages: high profitability in the short term, decentralized nature.

Risks: high volatility, unregulated market, possibility of fraud.

● Investments in real estate

One of the traditional investment areas for Ukrainians is real estate. In 2023-2024, our fellow citizens invested money both in objects located on the territory of Ukraine and in those located abroad.

Is it worth investing in Ukrainian real estate?

In 2023, 184,113 real estate objects were sold in Ukraine, most of them were located in the following areas:

- Kyiv region – 18.6%

- Odesa region – 11.4%

- Lviv region – 7%

- Ivano-Frankivsk region - 2.4%

- Transcarpathian region – 2%

The average cost of m² in new buildings in Ukraine for 2023 increased by an average of 2-3%. However, in some regions, on the contrary, it experienced a significant decrease in value (up to -10%).

Advantages of investing in real estate in Ukraine: high demand in the domestic market due to immigrants, growth of domestic tourism, the prospect of high profitability after the end of the war.

Disadvantages of investing in Ukrainian real estate: unstable political and economic situation, high risks of property and capital loss, inflated prices in some locations, especially in Western Ukraine.

The purpose of purchasing a home is 80% for living, 20% for investment. Profitability on resale - 7-15%, on rent - 7-12%.

Advantages and risks of investing in foreign real estate

Foreign real estate is the purchase and management of real estate located outside the investor's home country. This can be residential, commercial or industrial property.

Advantages: minimal risks of losing capital, protection against inflation, high income for resale or rental.

Risks: high initial cost, high maintenance costs.

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Where to buy real estate abroad?

- Europe

In 2023, the demand for buying real estate in such large European cities as Warsaw, Barcelona, Berlin and Rome increased by 17%. Moreover, 65% of housing was purchased for investment purposes. Profitability from resale here is 3-6%, from rent - 3-5%.

- United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, 60% of real estate properties were also bought for investment purposes, and here it is worth noting a rather good yield - for resale - 12-28%, for rent - 5-15%.

- Indonesia

Currently, the real estate market in Indonesia, particularly on the island of Bali, is considered extremely attractive.

Advantages of investing in Indonesia:

- High occupancy - 70-80% average occupancy per year.

- Rising real estate prices – real estate prices are growing by an average of 20% per year.

- Low taxes – property tax in Bali is only 0.1% of the appraised value.

- Lack of seasonality – 365 tourist and 320 sunny days per year.

- High rental yield - average yield of 15% per annum, while the average yield in the world is 5%.

In 2023-2024, buyer demand in Bali increased by 47%, with 64% of properties purchased for investment. Profitability on resale - 15-28%, on rent - 7-15%.

- Turkey

Every year, Turkey is becoming more and more popular as a place to invest in real estate.

Why Turkey?

- About 84 million people.

- Huge real estate market.

- The summer season is 9 months.

- High investment return.

- Strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa.

- Prices for real estate and utilities are lower than in Europe.

- Possibility to obtain a residence permit under a simplified procedure.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey:

- Property ownership - TAPU is issued after 6-8 months from the start of construction.

- Profitability - guaranteed profitability from real estate value up to 20%.

- Low taxes - sales tax is only 4% of the cadastral value, which is several times lower than the market price of the object.

- High rental yield - average yield of 15% per annum, while the average yield in the world is 5%.

In 2023, customer demand and growth increased by 23%, and in 2022, the increase was 170%. Profitability on resale - 15-30%, on rent - 10-15%.

The most common mistakes when investing

Quite often, when investing in real estate, businessmen make the following mistakes:

- Incorrect choice of region (location).

- Lack of diversification.

- Insufficient study of the characteristics of the market of the selected country.

- Insufficient verification of the developer and documents for the object.

- Insufficient understanding of the purpose of real estate acquisition.

- Incorrect distribution of object financing.

To avoid these mistakes, it is worth cooperating with a proven international construction company.

ANTA Group is a reliable developer of investment-attractive properties in Turkey and on the island of Bali. An expert in the field of highly profitable investment in tourist real estate, which has been operating on the market for over 11 years. During the period of work, 37 projects were successfully completed and more than 400 apartments were sold in different parts of the world. Currently, the developer offers to invest in two complexes:

ANTA HOME NEON in Antalya (Turkey).

- The unique residential complex is the most popular tourist street.

- Spectacular apartments and penthouses equipped with a terrace with a jacuzzi.

- Three minutes to the sea and the main attractions.

- Guaranteed yield from daily rental at the level of 6% per annum.

The price of 1+1 apartments starts at €137,000, a penthouse at €225,000.

The payback period is 9-10 years for daily rentals and 15-16 years for long-term rentals.

ANTA Residence Canggu is a unique project on the island of Bali (Indonesia).

A premium apart-hotel in Bali with a 5* concept and unique infrastructure. The Indian Ocean, beaches and surf spots are 7 minutes from the complex. Located in the most developed location in Bali, on the main street of Canggu - Batu Bolong.

The best conditions for investors:

- Units from $139,000.

- First installment from 50%.

- Bali has the highest profitability in the world - from 12%. While the world average is 5%.

- Transparency of the managed company.

- Payments in any convenient way for the investor.

- Income every quarter.

- Guaranteed income: minimum $1000 monthly.

Currently, 60% of the complex has been sold.

So, even despite the war, Ukrainians continue to invest. One of the most popular tools is investing in real estate.

Housing in Ukraine currently attracts investors with low prices. Also, Ukrainian housing has high growth potential and tax benefits.

At the same time, by investing in foreign real estate, you will be able to reduce risks, diversify your portfolio and at the same time get a considerable profit.

We remind you! The global real estate market is currently undergoing significant changes, fueled by technological advances and the development of digital economies, which allows investors to expand their operations internationally. At the same time, the Ukrainian real estate market remains attractive for investment. In this article, we will talk with experts about the best places to invest.

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