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28 Apr. 2024


What to bring back from Ukraine as a souvenir? A selection of unusual ideas



What to bring back from Ukraine as a souvenir? A selection of unusual ideas

When visiting Ukraine, tourists have a unique opportunity to take home a piece of culture and history of this country. Find out what unusual souvenirs you can buy in Ukraine as a lasting memory of your trip

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Order Visit Ukraine branded merchandise and support Ukraine (worldwide delivery)

Ukraine is an opportunity not only to get to know its unique culture and history, but also a great chance to bring home special souvenirs that will remind you of your trip. In this article, we'll look at some ideas for original and unusual gifts that you can bring back from Ukraine.

Embroidered shirt

“Vyshyvanka” is not just a beautiful shirt, it is a symbol of Ukrainian culture and history. Each region of Ukraine has its own patterns and embroidery techniques, which makes each embroidered shirt unique. It can be a traditional white blouse with a red and black pattern, or more modern versions using a variety of colours and materials.

For many years now, embroidered shirts have been conquering even the world's catwalks. In 2015, embroidery was recognised as the main trend of the year by the American magazine Vogue. In 2016, The New York Times also gave this status to the Ukrainian national dress.

Ceramic tableware

Pottery in Ukraine has a long history, and craftsmen across the country continue to create stunning handmade products. You can find everything from mugs and plates to intricate decorative pieces. The ceramics from Opishne are particularly famous, known for their traditional paintings and shapes.

Painting and iconography

Ukraine is rich in talented artists whose works can be purchased in galleries and at street fairs. Paintings by local masters can be a great souvenir that will delight the eye and soul. You can also pay attention to iconography, which traditionally plays an important role in Ukrainian art.

Musical instruments

Ukrainian folk music is played with instruments such as the bandura or trembita. The bandura is a stringed instrument that sounds like a hybrid of a lute and a guitar. The trembita is a long wooden pipe traditionally used in the Carpathians. The trembita is also called a "thunderbolt" because, according to beliefs, the instrument is made only from wood that has been struck by lightning.

Ukrainian chocolate and coffee

Ukraine is known for its confectionery factories, and chocolate is a particular pride here. Confectionery products from brands such as Roshen and Svitoch are popular not only in the country but also abroad. In addition, Lviv chocolate, which is made by a well-known Lviv workshop, is highly valued in Ukraine.

You can also bring mead or Ukrainian caramel.

As for coffee, there are several exciting brands in Ukraine that can surprise even the most avid coffee drinker.  

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Wine and spirits

Don't forget about the local spirits. Ukraine produces excellent wines, especially from the southern and western regions of the country. The well-known Ukrainian vodka is also popular. You can find many wineries that offer tours with tastings.

Ukrainian spices and seasonings

Ukraine's culinary traditions are rich and varied, and local spices and seasonings can be a great souvenir for those who love to cook. Try buying a mixture for making Ukrainian borsch or bacon in spices. Such seasonings are sold in beautiful packages and will be of interest to those who want to try something new in their kitchen.

Gift spices are especially popular in Carpathian souvenir shops.

Easter eggs and pysanky

If your trip falls in the springtime, Easter eggs, or pysanky, which are an important part of Ukrainian Easter, can be a unique souvenir. These eggs are decorated by hand using sophisticated techniques and symbolic patterns. Pysanky are not only beautiful but also a meaningful souvenir that carries a deep cultural value.

Folk toys

Wooden toys, linen dolls, handmade soft toys - all of these can be found in markets and souvenir shops. Such toys are not only beautiful, but also created according to ancient Ukrainian traditions, which makes them especially interesting for collectors and children.

Author's jewellery

Ukrainian jewellers and jewellery makers create unique jewellery that reflects local traditions and modern trends. It can be jewellery with national motifs, black gold items or even accessories made of natural stones and minerals. Such jewellery will become a beautiful and stylish souvenir.

Unique souvenirs from Visit Ukraine

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Bringing these unique and unusual souvenirs from Ukraine, you will not only take a part of Ukrainian culture with you, but also give your loved ones something special and unforgettable. Each of these gifts can tell a story and leave vivid memories of your trip.

We remind you! Earlier we wrote that nature has endowed Ukraine with beautiful terrain and many incredible landscapes - from canyons to the cleanest lakes and rivers. Read here to find out which places you should visit this year to fully enjoy the beauty of Ukraine.

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