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27 May. 2024


Summer in Transcarpathia: new and most popular tourist locations worth visiting in 2024

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Summer in Transcarpathia: new and most popular tourist locations worth visiting in 2024

Today, Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia) is not only a tourist and multicultural center, but also one of the safest regions in Ukraine. That's why it's an ideal place for a summer vacation. Here are the best locations in western Ukraine that you should visit during your trip

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Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Transcarpathia is a unique region of Ukraine that attracts tourists from different parts of our country, because it combines four cultures (Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian), pristine nature, ancient forests, high mountain rivers, warm thermal springs and rich wine traditions. Transcarpathia is also currently one of the safest places in the country. That's why planning your next vacation here is a pretty great idea. 

What to visit in Transcarpathia? The top tourist places according to the experts of Visit Ukraine are further in our material. 

Architectural pearls of Transcarpathia

● Schönborn Castle is an amazing architectural building that looks like a small fairy-tale castle, which is called a hunting palace. It is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved palaces in Ukraine. The castle is immersed in the greenery of a wonderful English park, the trees of which amaze with their power. 

● Palanok Castle is an ancient castle shrouded in legends, which has a complicated history. It rises on the 68-meter high Castle Mountain of volcanic origin above the valley of the Latoritsa River. Unfortunately, the exact date of the foundation of the castle has not been preserved, it is only known that it already existed in the 11th century. The impregnable fortress could not be conquered either by a sudden attack or by a long siege. Throughout its history, Palanok Castle was the residence of many princes and rich barons. Today, there are historical and local history museums, and exhibitions of painting and carving are held here.

Landscape parks

Derenivska Kupil landscape park and resort is an incredible combination of natural beauty, modern architecture and art. Walking through the wonderful park, you will be amazed, because it is a real botanical garden with a collection of five thousand plants from all over the world.

Folk art of Transcarpathia

● Iza is the center of wicker weaving, where folk craftsmen create masterpieces from ordinary willow vine: the most diverse types of baskets, rocking chairs and other products. This folk craft with a unique and original technique has flourished here since the 19th century. It was founded by the craftsman I. Kashko, later he passed on his knowledge to his children, and over time it became the main occupation of all local residents. Now dozens or even hundreds of wicker products are exhibited in almost every yard.

Mineral waters

● Mineral waters in Shayan. The Shayan Valley is a fabulous place surrounded by low mountains, which has long been known as a resort. In addition to the wonderful landscapes and clean mountain air, generous nature gave the local residents its healing waters, saturated with useful minerals.

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Thermal resorts of Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is the leader in Ukraine in terms of the number of balneological resorts, as there are more than 50 thermal springs of various types of mineralization. Vacationers go to the thermal resorts of Transcarpathia to treat diseases related to the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, peripheral nervous system, peripheral vessels, and biliary system.

Local waters are rich in iron, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium and other trace elements. 

● The recreation complex "Warm Waters" in the village of Velyatino invites you to improve your health in therapeutic thermal pools. Here you can rest your soul and body, restore your health, strength and energy. Even after visiting all the places on the planet, you will appreciate the unsurpassed atmosphere of nature, the effect of thermal water, the taste of Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisine and the exquisiteness of wine from all corners of Transcarpathia.

● "Zolota Gora" thermal complex is a modern health and recreation complex for the whole family. You can experience the healing properties of underground water in seven different pools with thermal and fresh water. Healing, hot thermal water comes straight from the heart of the earth, and enters the "Zolota Gora" thermal pools with a temperature of 29-39°C.

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The most delicious tastings of the Transcarpathian region

● Viticulture and winemaking is a traditional occupation in Ukraine. Transcarpathian winemaking culture is unique because it combines Hungarian, Italian and Austrian traditions. It was the result of this cultural fusion that gave such an interesting and colorful product as Transcarpathian wine. That is why, taste various variations of grape and fruit and berry wines here and buy them as a gift for your relatives.

● "Baranovo" cheese factory - specializes in the production of various types of sheep's and cow's milk cheese according to the best traditions of Transcarpathian cheesemaking. The company offers 15 types of products, including cheese, vurda, soft and hard cheeses, butter, and kefir.

● Snail farm - here tourists will have the opportunity not only to learn more about snails, but also to taste them. 3 types of snails are grown on the farm. For this, the most favorable conditions have been created on the farm - both forage and climate.

Transcarpathian cuisine

The undisputed gem of the region is its delicious cuisine. Transcarpathia is closely related to Hungarians, so paprika plays a leading role in almost all dishes. The tastiest local dishes are considered to be goulash (something between a thick soup and a meat stew), pereklet (a stew in which crushed onions predominate), tokan (a dish similar to pereklet) and paprikash (all dishes with sour cream sauce and paprika are called paprikash) , meat soups from pork. We especially advise you to taste the pride of Hungarian national cuisine - bograch.

To see, visit and taste all these tourist pearls of Transcarpathia, go on a journey "News of Transcarpathia" - this is a tour that has collected a diverse collection of unique places in order to create a holistic view of the region.

Tour dates: June 07-09, August 02-04, October 04-06. 

Duration: 3 days. 

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Mukachevo, a lively town located in one of the green lowlands of Transcarpathian region, also attracts tourists with its unique atmosphere, unforgettable natural beauty and numerous historical sights. What is worth visiting in the place, read at the link.

We wish you a good trip!

Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy / Shutterstock

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