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12 Jun. 2022


Will there be a cholera epidemic in Ukraine: what is known



Will there be a cholera epidemic in Ukraine: what is known

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reports that cholera has not been detected in Ukraine as a result of epidemiological surveillance. According to the chief sanitary doctor, in addition to examining people, environmental objects, including fresh and seawater, were also studied. Cholera was not found in any of the samples.

At the same time, the Ministry says that they do not have information on the epidemiological situation in the temporarily occupied territories, in particular in Mariupol. We will remind, that there is an abnormal plague of fish, and the occupiers are closing the city for quarantine.

Contamination of groundwater with sewage, unearthed garbage, decomposition of bodies of the dead right on the streets - all this threatens an uncontrolled outbreak of cholera among the local population. As summer is generally the season for the spread of intestinal infections, the risk of an epidemic in Mariupol is growing significantly.

The Ministry of Health has already issued the main recommendations for the prevention of cholera. The best way to prevent cholera is vaccination. However, it is used in case of outbreaks and in areas at increased risk of disease.

Effective measures to prevent cholera are hand and food hygiene, boiling or drinking bottled water, refraining from bathing in unfamiliar bodies of water.