Where did Ukrainians fly: popular destinations 2021 from Boryspil



Where did Ukrainians fly: popular destinations 2021 from Boryspil

No intrigues or surprises – Turkey became the most popular country where Ukrainians flew from Boryspil International Airport from January to November 2021.

According to the airport, the TOP-10 popular countries included:

1. Turkey - 13,778 flights;

2. Egypt - 8175 flights;

3. Germany - 3,196 flights;

4. UAE - 2776 flights;

5. Poland - 2613 flights;

6. Netherlands - 1877 flights;

7. Israel - 1,807 flights;

8. Georgia - 1740 flights;

9. Italy - 1,660 flights;

10. Greece - 1463 flights.

In Ukraine, during this period, 11 205 flights were made from Boryspil airport.

In just 11 months of 2021, 8.72 million passengers went on a journey from the airport, in particular, in November 2021 – 717 484 passengers.

Compared to the pre-pandemic November 2019, when the number of passengers served at the airport was 1.13 million, passenger traffic recovered by 63%.

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