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05 Nov. 2021


VisitUkraine.Today portal: for easy and safe travel



VisitUkraine.Today portal: for easy and safe travel

Tourism during a pandemic? We know everything about it!

VisitUkraine.Today is the first information portal of Ukraine for travelers from all over the world who need the rules of entry to Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian tourists wishing to go abroad can find out the requirements for crossing the borders of one of 220 countries.

The VisitUkraine.Today project is an online assistant where tourists receive up-to-date and verified information about changes in the rules of entry / exit, transit, stay in Ukraine around the clock. Promptly, safely, without leaving your home.

The tourist will find additional services on the website:

• 24-hour hotline (English speaking);

Buy travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage;

• Order on-site PCR testing.

Using the portal is easy and convenient, because all the information is collected on one page, and you don't need to scroll through Google for a long time in search of relevant data.

Travel safely with VisitUkraine.Today!