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29 Dec. 2021


The best Christmas trees in Ukraine: an overview by the cities



The best Christmas trees in Ukraine: an overview by the cities


This year, the capital's Sofia Square is decorated with an artificial Christmas tree 31 meters high, decorated with 20 thousand balls of red and gold colors. A bright garland 10 km long forms a dome above the tree, flickering with red, white and orange lights. And nearby is the largest nativity scene in Europe.


In the city of Lion, a living 17-meter tree was installed, which was presented to the city by 85-year-old Vasily Kozlenko - this tree has been growing in his yard for 35 years. The traditional location is on the square in front of the Opera. This year, the tree was decorated with traditional decorations that have long been used in western Ukraine - Christmas "spiders" and rhombuses.


The main New Year tree in Kharkiv, located on Svoboda squares, is one of the highest in Ukraine - 40 and a half meters. It is assembled from individual parts and illuminated by LED lamps. Christmas tree illumination works in day and night modes. In total, 50 thousand light elements are involved in it, as well as animation pictures. The artificial tree is decorated with several thousand balls of glossy plastic, curls depicting frosty patterns and 50 large balls.


The main Christmas tree in Dnipro is artificial, 20 meters high and, perhaps, the most expensive in Ukraine, because 12.5 million hryvnias were spent on its installation and decoration from the city budget. The Christmas tree was installed on the European Square and decorated with transparent and golden balls.


This winter, Odesa's Dumskaya Square and the city's main Christmas tree were decorated with festive illumination in a nautical style. The top of the tree is decorated with a large dodecagon in the form of a crystal, illuminating the path for travelers, and next to the tree is the photo location 2022.


As in almost all cities of Ukraine, here the festive tree is artificial, but no less beautiful. This year, the 22-meter Christmas tree was decorated in a European style, spending about UAH 2 million on new toys and garlands. And the illumination, which was used in previous years, now adorns other New Year's locations in Zaporizhzhia.


The main tree in Volyn is perhaps the most original of all in Ukraine. After all, here, in the festive illumination, three Christmas trees are traditionally decorated at once, which grow side by side. This year 150 toys and more than 200 garlands were hung on them.


This year, the 28-meter Vinnytsa Christmas tree has new toys and illumination. The tree was decorated with large icicles and large 3D glowing balls, as well as flowers of golden, silver and blue colors.


For the current holidays, the City Council has acquired a new artificial 18-meter Christmas tree. The cost of the new clothes cost the city a little less than a million hryvnia. The tree is dressed in balls of white, silver and gold, and is also decorated with illumination of hot yellow colors.


The main tree of the city is 18 meters high. It has three and a half kilometers of garlands and about half a thousand Christmas tree decorations, 45 of which are illuminated.