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24 Dec. 2021


The only original website VisitUkraine.Today



The only original website VisitUkraine.Today

Friends, we would like to note that is only resource that receives informational support from government agencies. The old version no longer exists, and any other versions, including those with similar interfaces and services, are not affiliated with Visit Ukraine and are clones.

You can get up-to-date and verified information only on our official portal or by contacting the hotline, the contacts of which are available on the website. Therefore, we are not responsible for the information provided by other resources or their support service.

If you have come across the clone site VisitUkraine.Today or received an offer of cooperation, please let us know!

We work around the clock, and you can always check the validity of the resource through social networks and channels Visit Ukraine, which have links only to the official website:





We are sincerely grateful to our partners and clients for prompt messages regarding "fake" sites VisitUkraine.Today.

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