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31 Jul. 2022


Hotel check-in is now available in Diia



Hotel check-in is now available in Diia

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Diia - public services online - on its official Instagram page announces the launch of a new service for hotels. Diia.QR and document sharing left paper forms behind. Now the registration of guests at a hotel will take only a few minutes.

Document sharing

Sharing in Diia is the process when a hotel receives copies of a guest's digital documents, signed by his personal electronic signature. They are sent as PDF files and automatically filled in the fields in the hotel system when the guest checks in.

The hotel can connect sharing to the system on its own or with the help of Servio HMS or EasyMS services.

Sharing is divided into offline and online.

Offline sharing:

• In the Diia application, the guest selects the required document and opens the barcode on the back.

• A hotel employee scans this code or enters the 13-digit code below the barcode into the system.

• After that, the guest receives a request from the hotel for sharing documents and confirms it in the application using Diia. Signatures.

• The hotel receives copies of the guest's documents, which enter the system and automatically fill in the forms necessary for check-in.

Online sharing:

By selecting the appropriate section on the hotel's website or in its application, the guest confirms the request for online sharing of documents. And that's it, the next step is to get the key to your room.

The advantage of this service is that you do not even need to have a reception to register guests.


• On the Diia portal, the hotel creates its own QR code, which it places at the reception.

• A guest scans this code from the Diia application and confirms the request to transfer copies of digital documents to the hotel.

• An email with a full package of copies of digital documents is automatically created in the guest's smartphone, and the hotel's email address is already indicated in the recipient field.

• The guest sends all documents necessary for accommodation to the e-mail.

Convenient services by Diia are aimed at creating comfortable conditions for guests and facilitating the work of hotel owners.