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29 Aug. 2022


How to protect yourself from fraud?



How to protect yourself from fraud?

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The war united Ukrainians in a single desire to protect their country, but unfortunately there are also those people who try to make money on someone else's mountain. So far, fraudsters have already developed several schemes for making money in the war. About the most popular methods of deception and how to protect yourself further.

Money from the UN and financial phishing

The earning scheme, which was activated with new force after the announcement that many categories of Ukrainians have the right to apply for aid from the UN.

A method of deception

In order to apply for financial assistance from international organizations, you need to go to the eDopomoga website and follow the instructions. This is the only site that officially accepts applications.

However, fraudsters started sending messages to Ukrainians via SMS and messengers with links to fake sites that collect card data. Also, fake pages are created on the Internet, which are identical to the real ones, but are also aimed at collecting personal data. That is, a person follows the link, enters all the data of his card: card number, its validity period and CVV code, online banking passwords and PIN codes. Having received this information, fraudsters can easily get hold of your funds.

How to protect yourself

• Do not follow links in SMS and messengers.

• Collect information about aid programs only from official sources.

• Do not enter your card details, because usually only the IBAN number is enough to enroll the aid. Please note that the CVV code, online banking passwords and PIN codes are confidential information and cannot be shared with anyone.

• If you suspect fraudulent activities on the Internet, report them to the cyber police at the email address: [email protected].

We also encourage all Ukrainians to contact the 24-hour Visit Ukraine hotline at +380939724145, where our experts will tell you about current aid programs and application methods.

Fundraising by volunteers

Currently, there are a lot of volunteers and organizations working in Ukraine, which hold many meetings every day to help military personnel and war victims. However, fraudsters have also appeared who organize the collection and appropriate the funds.

How to protect yourself

• Transfer money only to official charitable funds, the list of which is available in the DIYA application and on the NBU's official website.

• If you want to help a specific volunteer - search for more information about him on the Internet, ask your friends, read comments on the volunteer's page in the social network. By collecting as much data as possible, you can protect yourself from meeting with a fraudster.


Unfortunately, it is also a very common method of earning. Fraudsters offer transportation services and ask for an advance payment. However, after receiving the money, they stop communicating.

How to protect yourself

    • Usually evacuation flights are organized by the state and they are free. Also, concerned citizens can provide assistance, but most often payment is requested at the meeting or after evacuation.

    • Therefore, do not transfer money if you are not sure of the person who offered you services. The advice from the previous point will come in handy, it is only possible to draw conclusions after searching for information about the carrier.

Renting housing that does not exist

The scheme is similar to evacuation. The owner of the apartment, which he allegedly rents out, asks you to reset the prepayment on the card and disappears after receiving the money.

How to protect yourself

• Do not send money to strangers.

• If there is an opportunity, ask acquaintances in the city where you plan to rent an apartment to visit the apartment and make an agreement on the spot.

• Any calculations should be made after you have seen the home and the owner's documents.

• It is advisable to draw up a contract or ask the owner for a receipt as a guarantee that he took the money from you.

Of course, there are much more good and honest people than fraudsters, but knowing the most popular schemes of deception makes a person more protected. Therefore, we remind you that even in such difficult times, you should remember that every action needs to be carefully checked, whether it is registering for assistance, transferring funds to a volunteer, renting an apartment, or something else.