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09 Nov. 2021


Autumn in Ukraine: top travel locations



Autumn in Ukraine: top travel locations

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. It is impossible not to admire the beauty that this time gives us. There are many places in Ukraine where you can find autumn in its most beautiful manifestation. We have prepared for you the top locations for unforgettable autumn trips.

One of the largest and most beautiful Ukrainian reserves is Askania-Nova in the Kherson region. This is a national reserve included in the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine" and one hundred of the most famous protected areas in the world. The third part of the Askania-Nova land is wild nature, untouched by man. It is in the same state it was in millions of years ago. But this is not just a park for beautiful unforgettable walks. Here you can see many unique plants, rare animals and birds. And also in Askania-Nova you will find something that you will not see anywhere else – the endless Tavria steppe with truly unique natural corners.

The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Transcarpathian region) also belongs to amazing natural areas. More than 60 plant species and 70 species of animals listed in the Red Book can be found in this area, many corners of which will enchant you with virgin nature. Here you will find beautiful mountains, rocks and glades, alpine meadows, mountain waterfalls, rivers with clear waters and stone deposits. But the most valuable treasure is the vast and majestic area of ​​the beech forest. On the territory of the reserve there are so many rare natural resources that everyone, getting here, will surely find something that will amaze and surprise him, and something that he will definitely want to see again.

Also in the Carpathians there is a picturesque mountain lake of natural origin – Lake Synevyr. It is distinguished by its crystal clear water and is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. This is the largest and deepest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians, covering an area of ​​4-5 hectares. It is surrounded by steep slopes covered with fir trees, 140-160 years old, and in the middle of the lake there is a small island resembling the pupil of a human eye. This is where its popular name "Sea Eye" came from.

Another favorite place to rest and visit by tourists is the Sofiyivsky Dendrological Park in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region. This is one of the tourist destinations where you can visit different parts of the world in one day. The park is divided into parts, each of which symbolizes a country. Here you will walk through the English alleys, visit the Champs Elysees and explore the Greek stones. According to visitors, the most beautiful Sofievsky Park is in the fall, when a golden carpet of foliage lies underfoot, and the autumn air is simply unique. About three thousand species of plants, typical not only for Ukraine, but also for many countries, grow on the park territory. Sofiyivsky Park is also called a poem garden. And this is so, because its central part is a composition from various mythical subjects of Rome and Ancient Greece. And this tale is always open to those who love and appreciate beauty. After all, nature is an invaluable treasure given to man, which can energize, give strength and give unforgettable pleasure.

Fantastic Aktovsky canyon, stretching over 250 hectares of the Nikolaev region. Its greatness is admired even by the stubborn and experienced traveler. For its almost unearthly landscape and the eerie name of the river – the Mertvovod, the canyon in Aktove was also called "Devil's Valley". Every year many tourists come here in search of peace and quiet, unforgettable landscapes, outdoor activities, the energy of nature and, of course, cool shots.

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