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14 Sep. 2022


Ukraine has created a single phone number for providing emergency assistance



Ukraine has created a single phone number for providing emergency assistance

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The Verkhovna Rada adopted a draft law proposing to make 112 the only number for providing emergency assistance to citizens. He was supported by 308 elected representatives.

The law provides:

• creation of a single center for receiving and processing emergency calls, which will allow ensuring the appropriate level of emergency assistance to the population in the event of the threat of occurrence or emergence of emergency situations;

• organization of receiving calls to emergency services based on the "single window" principle, which will allow a person to use a single telephone number 112;

• provision of Service 112 and operational dispatch services (101, 102, 103, 104) with round-the-clock online access to the relevant factual data with the results of recording by technical means of public places and their metadata;

• giving emergency services the right to automatically receive information about the subscriber's location (geolocation data) and implementing the obligation of electronic communications providers to provide such information to emergency services.

As noted in the explanatory note to the project, since February 24, the load on emergency services has increased sharply. Thus, the average number of daily emergency calls to the 101 and 102 services has increased by 45% since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine.

The main reasons that prevent a significant increase in the effectiveness of emergency care are:

• high load on emergency services, loss of time from the receipt of a call to the start of assistance to victims and shortcomings in the organization of interaction — one of the main reasons for high mortality in the event of emergency situations;

• lack of a single center for accepting and processing emergency calls, which prevents the involvement of several emergency services in case of emergency situations.

"In order to eliminate these shortcomings, it is necessary to implement a rapid response system that will reduce the response time to dangerous situations and increase the efficiency of emergency aid units for the population", - the document says.