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24 Sep. 2022


Rashism = fascism? What is the essence of the new ideology of the Russian occupiers



Rashism = fascism? What is the essence of the new ideology of the Russian occupiers

Learn more about rashism in a new video on our YouTube channel
Learn more about rashism in a new video on our YouTube channel

"Rashism" and "Rashist" are terms that are increasingly used in society, but it is not entirely clear what they mean.

It smells of something familiar and outdated. It is not surprising, because, according to researchers, the modern Russian ideology of "rashism" is a mixture of Nazism and communism interspersed with imperialism.

Let's try to figure out what are the characteristic features of "rashism" and what are its similarities and differences from other murderous ideologies of the twentieth century.

One of the main ideologists of rashism is Alexander Dugin, who became popular after the death of his daughter. He wrote the book Fundamentals of Geopolitics: Russia's Geopolitical Future. In this book, the ideologue said that Ukraine has no geopolitical significance, special cultural import or universal significance, geographical uniqueness, ethnic exclusivity. And he insisted that Ukraine should be annexed. Probably, the belief that Dugin described in his book influenced the foreign policy of Russia. There are also imperialistic visions in rashism. Conditionally, if it belonged to the Russian Empire, then it should belong to modern Russia. Doesn't it remind you of anything?

Is rashism a "follower" of Nazism and Fascism?

In 1927, the collection Problems of the Anschluss was published in Nazi Germany. There was published a map called "National German lands in the past and in the present." It showed the territory, which included Germany, the Republic of Austria, most of the Czechoslovak Republic, southern Poland, the lands of Poznan, the Danzig Corridor, the Italian Tyrol and other regions. That is, some kind of imperialism also manifested itself in Nazism.

If we draw parallels with fascism, then everything is easier here. Fascism relied on strong and state institutions, and indeed, one of the signs of fascism is precisely imperialism. For example, Mussolini wanted to revive the Roman Empire. But he turned out to be such a revivalist that the "incredible Italian army" was stopped by Greece.

And the third example, which is often silent, is communism. This ideology is not often remembered, because during the Second World War, the communist USSR was one of the countries that defeated the Nazis. But this is also a very cruel ideology on which modern rashism is built. For example, the Soviets wanted to revive the territories of the Russian Empire, rather than imperialism.

Distinctive features of rashism

But Russian rashism has a special feature. This is the incredible cruelty with which Russians treat Ukrainians. The Nazis shot Jews, the Fascists killed those who did not agree with the regime, the Communists killed opponents of the party and those who did not like them. Each ideology tried to explain its crimes. But rashism... rashism destroys absolutely everything: its own, others, those who agree with them, those who do not agree with them. And there is only one explanation for this: an evil, poor and stupid people who are fed "greatness". It's just anger at everything. No principles or morals.

Therefore, it is possible to compare rashism with Nazism/fascism/communism, but you should not identify them, because this is a completely different ideology, which has its own so-called values.