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08 Oct. 2022


Refugees in Europe. Where did most Ukrainians stay?

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Refugees in Europe. Where did most Ukrainians stay?

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Europe, almost 4.2 million refugees from Ukraine have received temporary protection status. Since the end of May, their number has increased by approximately 1.25 million.

Which countries have the most refugees?

Because of the war in Ukraine, most of our citizens left for Poland. In the last month alone, their number has increased by more than 50,000 people.

The second place in terms of the number of newly arrived refugees is occupied by Germany. In September, this figure was almost 40 thousand people.

A significant number of Ukrainians also arrived in the Czech Republic (about 15,000), Great Britain and Romania (about 11,000) from August 30 to September 30. About 11,000 people also arrived in the Netherlands in 2 months.

According to UN data, the largest number of refugees with the status of temporary protection are currently in Poland - almost 1.5 million people. In general, since the beginning of the war, 6.5 million people left Ukraine, and 4.5 million returned. More than 709,000 refugees are officially registered in Germany, and almost 439,000 in the Czech Republic.

According to, Poland is preparing for a new flow of refugees from Ukraine at the end of autumn and winter. Residents of many destroyed Ukrainian cities without electricity and gas will need shelter in neighboring countries.

Director of the Subcarpathian Department of the Polish Red Cross, Maciej Maruszak, noted that humanitarian organizations in Poland are already preparing to receive refugees. However, aid will be less than at the start of a full-scale war.

"This happens not only because people don't want to help, but also because people who helped before have used up their vacations and have to go back to work. They won't be able to help in this volume", - said Marushak.

He added that in their branch of the Red Cross, about 30 people are constantly involved in helping refugees.

Grzegorz Lewicki, an expert on migration and technology at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, told

"So far, the data of the Border Service do not indicate that a successful counteroffensive will affect more people leaving Poland for Ukraine. In any case, the number of people crossing the borders has stabilized for a while. And I think that the waves returns should not be expected, especially since the situation is completely different than in April and when the Russians left Kyiv. The Kharkiv region still borders the war zone, and the refugees who left Poland in the spring had much less time to adapt to our country. Now many of these women have found work, are opening businesses, and many of their children have gone to Polish schools after September 1. It is one thing to return home from a temporary camp, and another to return home from a rented apartment".

He also added that Ukrainians, despite their belief in victory, think firstly about "surviving and hiding from the cold". And the best place for this is in Poland. That is why they willingly go here, especially after the refugees were warmly received in the first months of the war.

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