Temporary protection
16 Jan 2024
Visa Visa required
Useful information
Car traffic
Car traffic Right-hand
Currency Euro
Language Luxembourgish, French, German
Phone code
Phone code +352
Minimum passport validity
Minimum passport validity at least 6 months
Covid There are no COVID restrictions
Insurance policy Insurance policy is required

Employment opportunities for Ukrainians in Luxembourg

There are various fields in which Ukrainians can find work in Luxembourg. Some of the most popular professions for Ukrainians in Luxembourg include:

  • IT specialists: Luxembourg has a developed information technology sector and the demand for IT professionals is high. Programmers, web developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists can find jobs in this field.
  • Financial professionals: Luxembourg is a financial center with numerous banks, insurance companies and stock exchange institutions. Finance specialists, accountants, auditors and financial analysts can have good job opportunities.
  • Engineers: There is a demand for engineers of various specializations in the construction and industry sector in Luxembourg, including civil, mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Healthcare professionals: The healthcare sector in Luxembourg is in demand for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Knowledge of French or German can be an important advantage for employment in this field.
  • Hotel and restaurant business: Tourism and hospitality is an important sector in Luxembourg. Restaurants, hotels and travel agencies may be looking for employees in the field of hotel and restaurant services, cooks, bartenders and waiters.

There are various job fairs in Luxembourg where companies present their vacancies and conduct interviews with potential candidates. Here are some of the most famous job fairs in Luxembourg:

  1. "": This is an annual job fair organized by the University of Luxembourg. It offers opportunities to meet with employers from various industries and learn about current vacancies.
  2. "Luxembourg Job Days: This is an event that takes place twice a year and brings together various companies and employers from different industries. It provides an opportunity to meet with company representatives, study their vacancies and conduct on-site interviews.
  3. " This fair specializes in vacancies in the field of information technology. It offers the opportunity to meet with leading IT companies and participate in interviews for jobs in this field.
  4. "ADEM Jobdag: The ADEM (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi) is a government agency that organizes various employment events, including job fairs. Their events, including the Jobdag, provide opportunities to network with employers and learn about available jobs.

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