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Moldavanka — Starokonka: treasures, courtyards and manses

Funny and poignant stories of the soul of Odessa

author's tour by Olga Potehina

They say that Moldavanka is Odesa inside out. And we do not agree!

Because the Moldavian woman, with her courtesies and anecdotes, resembles the mistress of a large, noisy court, who will feed, and cook, and kiss, and hold her close to her heart, and shout if something is wrong.

And you so want to lean on her lush shoulder and complain about your hard life - let her calm down!

And she is like this:

- Oh, my dear, what the hell are you crying for? It's not a problem, it's a pittance! Run and clean the fish - we will fry it!

And you run to clean the fish, the scales fly all over the yard, and with them your problems disappear somewhere!

That's how she is - a Moldovan woman!

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What attracts tourists to Moldavanka?

Where do you think the most colorful Odessa yards are? Where are the prototypes of the loudest movie series? Where street art simply reigns, especially at the gate: because the gate is the business card of the court, and the court is the heart of a Moldovan woman! And where in Odessa is a house with one wall? And where in Odessa are the most charismatic cats? And where can you buy everything, even an atomic bomb (so all visitors claim)? And where can you just visit the yard and you will be flogged, sorry, or welcomed as the most welcome guest? And where will you hear such a unique Odessa dialect, such a mix of different languages with unique Jewish intonations?

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Odesa is a sight in itself, the city is saturated not only with beautiful architecture, but also with the spirit of seaside life. The city is incredibly beautiful and authentic.



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Professional guide

Professional guide

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