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What do people admire in Odesa?

Odessans? Yes! The sea? Yes!!! Our leader and ideological inspirer Alexander Babich at the moment when he leads a city tour? Yes, but only a few of them, and then from among those who were brought up in bad shelters ...

The rest of us admire the architecture of Odesa, its palaces, its houses, its streets and courtyards.

Now let's try to tell you where this beauty came from. No, of course, you should hear it again during a tour of Architectural Odesa. Hear and see!

And now, in general...

Like North Palmyra - St. Petersburg, South Palmyra - Odesa was founded according to a clear plan. It was built according to strict plans and projects, and from the first days of its existence both Palmyra acquired clear and correct outlines. This distinguished them from most European cities that grew in loose rings around their centers.

You may ask, where did such rationality and harmony come from? Listen. You can learn all this from the article "Odesa Architectural", and more interestingly, you can hear and see it with your own eyes during a tour of Odesa. The architecture of Odesa includes classicism, empire, baroque, and many other beautiful and clever words. But here it is better to point to a specific building and explain how this architectural masterpiece differs from another one nearby.

In the end, Odesa has become the eclectic architectural wonder that you can see from your hotel window or during the Architectural Odesa tour.

Oh, you're not here yet? So what are you waiting for? Our new "rulers" are in such a hurry to make their personal contribution to the development of the city and the country that you may soon be late to see the architecture of the old Odesa.

Think about it now, should you deprive yourself of the pleasure of falling in love with the architecture of Odesa?

The tour is conducted in English and Ukrainian.

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Professional guide

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