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An eco-tour of Transcarpathia is a unique and unforgettable journey where you can see the traces of the Templar Order and hear the secret of the destroyed castle; visit the 460-year-old "home" of wine and taste its best samples; get acquainted with monastic life and taste natural Italian cheeses in a monastic monastery; get acquainted with the gypsy settlements in the mountains of Transcarpathia and its unusual inhabitants.

An eco-tour of unusual places in Zakarpattia takes about 7 hours. Bus trips last an average of 20 minutes. 4 locations are visited: 460-year-old wine cellars - Templar Castle - monastery cheese factory - gypsy settlement. Some of them are located in the foothills of the Carpathians, others in the Middle Danube Lowlands.

Tour dates: daily

Duration of the tour - 1 day

The course program:

- Departure from Uzhhorod.

- Exploring the ruins of one of the most mysterious castles in Ukraine (XI-XVI centuries) - the Templar Castle. Secrets of the fortress and its former inhabitants.

- Visiting legendary historical wine cellars. The most interesting tour and tasting of vintage wines. Serednyansky wine cellars are one of the oldest in Europe, their total length is more than 4.5 km. They were carved in 1557 by captured Turks in solid rock - tuff. Today, the cellars are fully owned by the Serednyansky winery, which in its time has repeatedly won prizes at international competitions. The most famous vintage wines of the plant are "Rose of Zakarpattia", "Pearl of the Carpathians", "Serednyanske", "Radiant", etc.

Today, you can tour the historic cellars themselves and taste some of the products in them.

- A visit to the Holy Protection Monastery, acquaintance with the monastery, Christian shrines, the monastery's economy and cheeses produced here using Italian technologies.

- Lunch.

- Visit to a Gypsy settlement. Familiarization with its life and traditions, economy, priorities and philosophy of the settlers.

- Return to Uzhhorod.

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian or English to choose from.

The tour price includes: Travel by comfortable car Accompaniment of a guide-explorer Excursion service at tourist sites

The tour price is not included and is paid additionally: Wine tasting in ancient cellars - 120 UAH/person. Lunch - approx. 100-120 UAH/person Personal expenses.

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You can count on our team to take care of you. Driving in a comfortable car, interesting and convenient excursions, full support and care for our tourists.



This region is like from another planet, warm climate, mountains, valleys, valleys, thermal resorts, incredible landscapes, interesting people and unique culture. A lifetime is not enough to get to know all of Transcarpathia!



Our professionals have been doing their favorite business for many years. And as we know, those professionals who really love their work do their work best. P.S. They also tell very interesting stories...



Everyone knows that Transcarpathia is not only about castles, mountains, and the beauty of nature. Here, even in one day, you can improve your health for a month ahead. Clean air, mild climate, spring waters, thermal pools and healing mud - all that is needed for recovery.


Everything is individual

The tour is individual. This means that our team will create all the conditions for rest just for you or your family.

Key landmarks




Wine cellars of the 16th century.


The medieval castle of the Templars


Gypsy settlement in the mountains

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.