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Tour dates: every Friday

Duration of the tour - 1 day

The name "Spires" describes the mood of this mountain well. The natural stone mounds look like giant towers. Located at an altitude of more than 1800 meters, they impress the viewer with their scale, forming entire stone corridors. Each block is up to 40 meters high. The top of the Spires is part of the Chornohora massif and is located northeast of the main ridge. The rocks were formed after an ancient glaciation. 

On the way to Shpytsi, everything is green, covered with grass and shrubby alpine meadows. There are lots of blueberries, which you can eat in season (the berry season in the Carpathians begins in July and lasts almost until the fall). The top offers a magnificent view of the Chornohora ridge, with Brebeneskul, Dzembronia, Vuhaty Kamen on the left, Turkul, Hoverla, and Petros on the right. And there are also streams flowing down from the high mountains, the so-called Hadzhyn waterfalls. And the highlight of our tour will be a stop at Lake Nesamovyte, one of the highest lakes in the Ukrainian Carpathians of glacial origin (1750 meters above sea level);

Start at 07:00 - from the center of Yaremche (central square, near the Carpathian Travel information desk), or from your establishment

Start of the climb - sports center "Zaroslyak"

Additional Information
- The difficulty of the route is average.

- Age - 5+ Total length of the hiking route -19 km/5- 6 hours (vertical ascent 1150 m)

- End of the route - sports base "Zaroslyak" at 19:00 - return to Yaremche

- Return around 21:00h

The tour price includes:

- Guide services

- Transfer on the route


The tour price is not included and is paid additionally:

 - Personal expenses

 - Tickets to museums

 - Recreational gatherings in nature reserves

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All amenities

They will transport you, settle you down, and tell you a thousand more interesting stories along the way.



The tour is quite voluminous, you will see a huge number of natural, historical, resort curiosities.


Full support

If something doesn't work out, there's a force majeure, payment doesn't go through or you can't plan your time - our managers will help you solve all problems.


Everything is thought out

Accommodation, transport, entertainment program, excursions. Everything is clearly planned. You don't have to think about the organization, the organization will think about you!



The Ukrainian Carpathians are an ecologically clean region with beautiful landscapes, spruce and beech forests and clean springs. They treat both body and soul.

Key landmarks




Mount Spicy


Lake Brebeneskul

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.