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Tour of the oldest part of Lviv, lasting 2 hours.

Now we have a great opportunity to go to the oldest part of Lviv, where we will see several Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches. This tour can be called a historical-sacred tour, because the tour guide will tell about the oldest history of Lviv and will show the temples of that period. During the tour, tourists will see the place where d'Artagnan, in the famous film, first met Constance. Nearby, you can visit the Church of Mariia Snizhna, which has a well-preserved interior.

Not far from the oldest Lviv square is the Church of Ivan the Baptist. On the facade of the temple is depicted the wife of Prince Lev - Constantia of Hungary. Nearby, in majestic tranquility, stands the oldest Lviv temple - the Church of St. Nicholas The name of this saint is very loved by Ukrainian children, who every year on December 19, on the holiday in his honor, find wonderful gifts under their pillows. There are many valuable icons and paintings in the temple itself.

Passing the walls of the active Greek-Catholic monastery, we will pass to the courtyard of the Church of St. Onuphria. In 1583, Ivan Fedorovych, known as the first printer in Ukraine, was buried on the territory of the monastery. Church of St. Paraskevi Pyatnytsia has a unique iconostasis that is approximately 400 years old. And the church building itself is a masterpiece - it successfully combines Gothic and Renaissance with elements of defensive architecture. Also, during the excursion, it is worth visiting several typical Lviv courtyards: the courtyard of the Benedictine monastery with a preserved church in the Renaissance style and a residential courtyard with old paintings.

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Key landmarks


the Church of Mariia Snizhna


the Church of St. Nicholas


the Church of St. Onuphria

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Professional guide

Professional guide

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