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The underground city beckons to itself... What secrets does it hide from us?

Having descended into the dungeon of the Dominican monastery, we will be able to find out where the palace of Prince Leo was located in the XIII century, why the rich and beautiful Galshka Ostrozhskaya was hiding with the Lviv monks, and we will also be able to learn more about the Dominican monks. Passing through long corridors, we will look into small cells: one of them depicts a monk, the other a witch ...

Next in line is a meeting with an old Lviv pharmacy, within the walls of which there is a unique museum of pharmacy. Let's go into the halls, which contain pharmacy utensils, cash registers, presses, and medicines. Now let's go through the gallery to the alchemist's laboratory. Here, in a mysterious atmosphere, tourists will hear a story about how the alchemists tried to get rich. Next - deep stone dungeons and access to the courtyard of an old Lviv house.

Underground of the Church and the College of Jesuit Monks… Why was this Catholic order so rich? What is the purpose of their activities? What was on the site of their church before it was built? In these dungeons, tourists will have the opportunity to find out answers to other exciting questions, for example, why is there a large stone sarcophagus in one of the halls and for whom was it intended? Also in the underground halls of this tourist site, there are plastic panoramas of Lviv from different historical periods, which will allow you to better understand the fascinating history of Lviv.

The Museum of the City in the dungeons of the Town Hall opened its doors in autumn 2020. This dungeon differs from others in its combination of historical walls with modern decoration. In ancient times, the cellars of the Town Hall were actively used to store wine and other goods (including confiscated goods), there were also several prisons.

The Museum of the City hosts changing exhibitions on the theme of urban life and the perception of the city by its inhabitants.

At the request of the tourists, instead of one of the dungeons or additionally, you can visit the dungeons of the Coffee Mine (free admission) and the Fifth Dungeon restaurant (free admission).

We invite you to plunge into the exciting world of underground Lviv together!

Entrance tickets to the dungeons are paid additionally (per person):

— Dungeon Pharmacy Museum: 40 UAH. (adult), 30 UAH. (student), 15 UAH. (schoolboy);

— the dungeon of the Dominican monastery: 30 UAH. (adult), 15 UAH. (student, pupil);

— the dungeon of the Church and the College of the Jesuits: 30 UAH. (adult), 10 UAH. (schoolboy).

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Walk through the dungeons of Lviv


Hear interesting stories and legends


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Key landmarks


Dungeon of the Dominican monastery


Dungeon of the Lviv Pharmacy


Dungeon of the Church and the College of Jesuit Monks


Museum of the City in the dungeons of the Town Hall

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Professional guide

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