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There were Jews...

No one has ever told you about this

A new author's excursion by Nadiya Rovnaya

Nadiya Andriivna does not sit still, she writes new excursion routes all the time!

Why don't you sit still here, when the history of Odessa is full of such enchanting turns of fate of different people, different peoples, different religious denominations!

And this should be conveyed to us so that we know the history of our small homeland - Odessa. Although Odesa is not so small, it is a real Cosmos!

So, for your attention, a new excursion route about the life and existence of Jews in Odessa.

Dates: every day

The price is indicated for an individual order from 1 to 5 people.

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian language

How it will happen

The excursion is on its way, and that’s a good thing: we will take a leisurely walk around Odessa, see all the details of the architectural masterpieces of our beautiful Odessa architects (A.B. Minkus, S.A. Landesman and others are the personalities of this excursion), hear stories about talented musicians, actors, singers, writers and even founders of the Zionist movement. Our beautiful and cozy streets - Nizhenska, Spiridonivska, Degtyarna, Tiraspolska, Staroportofrankivska - will also be the heroes of this story! By the way: do you know where the Street of Red Lights was in Odessa? Not? And we will visit there! (Men, get a hold of yourself - this is about history, not entertainment!) If you want, I will open the curtain a little and tell a part of a small episode of the excursion. You know that every Jewish child had to be able to play the violin. Whether there is talent or not - it did not matter. Must and everything is here! Imagine what a Jewish child was capable of, when she did have talent! Here is a story about the Chernetsky family. Solomon Isaiovych Chernetskyi - composer, conductor, music teacher His father Isai Oleksandrovich Shtember is a violinist Mother - Dora Isayivna Chernetska - a pianist His three sisters - Esfir, Nadiya and Vira - are all pianists Cousin Lev Isaakovich Chernetsky is a composer and military bandmaster Wife Sofiya Pavlivna Chernetska is a pop singer Daughter Vira is a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Uncle Abram Shakhnovich Reiderman is a bandleader and composer That's it, an ordinary Jewish family! Just don't think that everything was so easy and fun! The family was poor and everyone had to work, give lessons, etc. And during the Jewish pogroms, Solomon Isaiovych joined the Resistance forces and lost an eye in the skirmishes. In this excursion, everything will be the same as in life: tragedies and comedies side by side! Don't worry - there will be enough fun episodes, all the more so because Nadiya Andriivna is known for her jokes and Odessa hokhmas! Get ready!

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Professional guide

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