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Excursion from Lviv to the rock fortress of Tustan, the Zakhar Berkut ski lift, and the Kamianets waterfall.


The lift is located near the village of Slavske, in the village of Volosyanka. In winter, the ski lift is most popular with skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts, and in summer - with ordinary tourists who want to reach the clouds and admire the beauty of the Carpathian mountains.

A two-chair chairlift will take us to Vysokyi Verkh (1243 meters). The one-way ride will take about 45 minutes, as this lift is considered the longest chairlift in the Lviv region. During this time, you can enjoy the clean mountain air to your heart's content, watch the centuries-old fir trees and pines, and take wonderful photos. And from the observation terrace of the mountain, you can enjoy an incredibly beautiful panorama of such mountain ranges as the Polonynski Carpathians, Gorgany and Skole Beskydy.

After going down, we set off on the return trip towards Lviv. The drive takes a little less than 3 hours (including time for dinner or a snack). A few kilometers from the highway near the town of Skole are the Kamianets Waterfall and Zhuravlyne (Dead) Lake. These are natural monuments that are interesting in their own way. The height of the waterfall on the Kamianka River is 7 meters, and the peculiarity of Zhuravlyne Lake is the chemical composition of its water. We allocate about 1 hour for the inspection of these objects.

This tour to the Carpathians does not require much time, special physical training, but gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian nature in just one day. Return to Lviv - approximately 21:00.

The length of the route of this tour with return to Lviv is approximately 334 km.

Tour program

We make an early departure from Lviv (8:00 or even earlier) and head to the Carpathians to the ruins of the medieval rock fortress Tustan. The journey will take about 2 hours. On the way, passing the city of Stryi, you can take a break for coffee/tea or a small breakfast.

We will spend about 2 hours on the tour in Tustan. In the IX-XVI centuries, there was a powerful fortress here that protected our region from enemies and served as a customs office on the ancient salt route. The stronghold was almost impregnable, because it was located on high natural cliffs, which even the Mongols could not conquer during the famous military campaign to Europe.

After climbing the rocks and exploring the ruins of the fortress, we will go to collect healing and medicinal water in a local spring. We will also visit the Tustan Museum, where we will see what the fortress looked like in its heyday, archaeological finds, and those who wish will take wonderful photos in the so-called voivode's room, sitting on his throne. The museum is located in a historic house where a village priest used to live in the past. On the hill nearby is the wooden Church of St. Nicholas (1911).

We will have lunch at about 13:00 in the fast food restaurant "Okay" (like Puzata Khata) in the village of Korostiv or eat a pre-ordered set lunch in one of the cafes along the route between Tustan and Zakhar Berkut.

It takes a little over 1 hour to get to the Zakhar Berkut recreation center. On the way, during the guide's stories, the characters of Ivan Franko's historical work of the same name will begin to come to life in the imagination of tourists.

This tour is individual (price for 1-2 people)

Entrance fees are paid additionally (per person): - Tustan Fortress: 85 UAH (adult), 45 UAH (student, pupil, pensioner); - Zakhar Berkut ski lift: 250 UAH (adults), 150 UAH (children 110-140 cm tall); - Kamianets waterfall: UAH 20 (adult, student), UAH 10 (student under 13 years old inclusive).

Cost of a set lunch (optional): from 90 UAH per person.

5 reasons to choose tour


A two-seat cable car will take us to the mountain Vysoky Verkh (1243 meters).


During this time, you can enjoy the clean mountain air to your heart's content, observe hundred-year-old Christmas trees and pines, and take wonderful photos.


We head to the Carpathians to the ruins of the medieval rock fortress Tustan.


An incredibly beautiful panorama of such mountain ranges as the Poloninsk Carpathians, the Gorgans and the Skoliv Beskids.


A few kilometers from the highway, near the town of Skole, there are Kamianetski Waterfall and Zhuravlyne (Dead) Lake.

Key landmarks


The rock fortress of Tustan


Zakhar Berkut lift


Kamianetsky waterfall

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.