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25 Oct. 2022


Undermining the Kakhovska HPP dam: which cities and villages will be under water and how to act?



Undermining the Kakhovska HPP dam: which cities and villages will be under water and how to act?

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We create materials and work 24/7 thanks to your support

Recently, information has been spreading in the media about mining and the probable undermining of the Kakhovska HPP, which will cause not only an ecological disaster, but also a humanitarian one.

More than 80 settlements along the Dnipro and Kherson will be underwater due to the detonation of the dam. Cities and villages on the left bank of the Dnipro will fall into the flood zone: Kozatske, Kardashinka, Kokhany, Lviv, Tyaginka, Oleshki, Gola Prystan, Pishchanivka and others. In connection with the danger, the Kherson City Council published official recommendations.

It is predicted that the catastrophic flooding of settlements along the Dnipro will happen within hours after the dam is blown up.

"In the event of a breakthrough of the Kakhovska HPP dam, the territory of the Kherson urban territorial community will experience catastrophic flooding in 2 hours. The water level in the Dnipro River after the breakthrough may rise to 5 m. The maximum water level will be reached in 13 hours 48 minutes. The time of the peak of the flood - 3 hours 30 minutes", - emphasized the department for civil protection of the city of Kherson.

How to act in case of undermining Kakhovska HPP?

In order to avoid an increase in destructive consequences, the first step is to turn off all electrical appliances and gas stoves, take documents, food, drinking water and evacuate to safe areas of your cities.

It is also important to notify neighbors and organize help for the elderly and those who need extra effort to move. Read about how to evacuate a person with reduced mobility from temporarily occupied territories here.

Which areas of Kherson region will be safe in the event of a dam blowup?

Citizens living along the coastline of the Dnipro and Koshovo rivers should go to the following safe areas:

• residents of the urban-type village of Antonivka go up to Gorky and Antonivska streets;

• for residents of the Dnipro district to go up to Khersonska Street (in the area of ​​Vyacheslav Chornovola Square), Vyacheslav Chornovola Highway and Perekopska Street;

• residents of Suvorovsky District to go up to Gymnazichna, Soborna and Gretska Streets;

• residents of Korabelny district, including Quarantine Island, to go up to Kachelna Street (above Korabeliv Square) and Poltavska Street;

• residents of the Quarantine Island, in case of inability to evacuate to a safe area, climb to the level of the third floor of buildings;

• residents of the village of Zimivnyk to go up to the area of ​​the city cemetery;

• residents of the urban-type village of Komyshany to go up to Tsentralnaya Street;

• residents of the village of Priozerny to climb above Bilozerska Street.

Attention! You can find out about free evacuation from Kherson by following the link.