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29 Oct. 2022


The decaying West and biological laboratories in Ukraine. Why do Russians hate the civilized world?



The decaying West and biological laboratories in Ukraine. Why do Russians hate the civilized world?

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Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

In recent years, political views in Russia have changed quite dramatically. If back in the early 2000s, the state sought development, took a pro-European position and considered itself a part of the world community, now it is completely mired in the mud of its own military and political crimes, propaganda and hatred of everyone around it.

Why does Russia not like the "Western world"?

U.S. Army Capt. 1st Rank Harry Tabach believes propaganda and envy are to blame. Maria Lipman, a former employee of the European Council on International Relations, believes in her publications that the reason is Russia's insecurity about its new identity in the post-Cold War world. Some experts believe that these are features of the character and psychological portrait of most Russians.

However, social polls in Russia show that more than 80% of citizens consider the West, namely America and Europe, to be enemy No. 1.

It is interesting that the countries of the West carry such a thing that threatens the peaceful existence of Russians? After all, the phrase often sounds on propaganda channels that "everyone wants to destroy Russia, seize it, take possession of its natural resources." However, no one is confused by the fact that with such mineral deposits, oil and gas production and the insane amount of money that the government receives for their sale, the average Russian lives quite poorly. A large part of them cannot afford to buy a washing machine, connect the house and, of course, go on a trip to see the world. According to statistics, only about 15% of Russians have been to the EU, and up to 25% of Russian citizens have foreign passports. Is this a high enough percentage for such a rich state?

Well, maybe they don't need it, because their country is big, and it has the sea, and mountains, and the collected cultures of many peoples, if only there was enough life to explore it. Why is the "Rotting West" - this is another ideological cliché that originated in the 19th century during the Russian Empire and was actively used throughout the entire existence of Russia: first by the propaganda of the USSR, and then in Putin's Russia. Ironically, the founder of the theory, Stepan Shevyryov, spent the last years of his life at his own will in Paris.

What is the problem of the «West» according to the Russians?

Most Russians get information about life in Western countries from TV screens, where they are told that the West is a lack of morals and family values, propaganda of non-traditional orientation, disrespect for the church, and especially for the Russian Orthodox Church.  And most importantly, people there live very badly. For many years, there has been a great economic crisis in Europe, which will destroy the EU countries from day to day. It will be especially difficult without Russian gas.  However, good Russians never leave people in trouble and have even already installed heating points for EU citizens on the main streets of European capitals. Many people come there, drink hot tea, warm themselves by the heaters, and all this at the height of the "women's summer" in Europe, when the thermometers show 20°C. And almost no one has the idea that it is necessary to somehow check these words, to find other sources of information, because they said it from the TV screen, and there "they cannot lie."

Of course, such a trend completely cancels out the opportunity for Russians to wonder why there are no roads, why there are so few social benefits, why the tariffs for communal services have been raised again, where are their favorite brands and products disappearing? After all, everything is always the fault of the Western world, which will soon perish in the economic crisis, and they will suffer and one day they will live better.

Biological laboratories in Ukraine

What are the statements about biological laboratories of Americans in Ukraine worth? It was always believed that the level of education in Russia was quite high, but the news showed a report about the development of a virus that kills only people of a certain nationality and about fighter pigeons that carry these viruses and people believed it. Surprisingly, all the laboratories were located in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. This is a way to explain the need to invade the territory of a neighboring sovereign country.

The level of propaganda in Russia

Propaganda in Russia has gained such momentum that it is sometimes impossible to stop it. People from TV screens wish death to others, children and do not worry about their own spirituality, because they are enemies who do not have the right to live. They call for the use of weapons of mass destruction, to strike the key capitals of the world, calculate how many civilians will die and how many hours they will be able to destroy New York. This is the kind of hatred that pours into the ears of a Russian every night. Why so? Because Russia is a state with a "special path" and a heavy punishment fell to its fate - the fight against fascism. True, they do not notice that fascism comes from themselves.

The policy of the presence of an external enemy helps to accumulate the people around a "strong leader" who tries with all his might to protect his country and does everything right. The Russian military destroys Ukrainian cities, population, and infrastructure every day. However, they justify it with rather dubious slogans: "struggle with NATO", "preemptive strike", "if it weren't for us, they would have destroyed us already", "struggle with the terrorist regime in Ukraine".

Imperial ambitions and the "Greatness" of Russia are traits of Russian character

Nor should we forget about Russia's imperial ambitions. The theory of own majesty is cherished by the majority of Russians. All this, again, is supported by internal propaganda. In fact, it became clear a long time ago that Russia's great power ambitions and its gigantic territory do not allow it to become a candidate for the EU. And although it is considered the most powerful of all post-Soviet states, it lacks the soft power to become a center of attraction for its neighbors. Therefore, as history shows, he tries to show his greatness by force, but even here, not everything is smooth.

Of course, every state is a nation, and every nation deserves its leader. Russians think of themselves as a majestic people who tower over others, says Harry Tabakh. For all nations, they have derogatory names. The explanation for this is simple: you are people of the second, third class, and they are big, they are at war with America. Such an achievement.

The politics of hatred has been nurtured in the minds of Russians for many years, since the beginning of the 20th century. Apparently, they are not good at anything else, so everyone who lives better and does something more professionally is always bad for them.

Europe and the USA live in the future, with plans, people believe that the best is yet to come, while Russia, on the other hand, lives in the past and does not think about a bright future, and everything is trying to return to where it was once good. And was it really good there?