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27 Oct. 2022


The ePPO application has started working in Ukraine: how to notify the Armed Forces of Ukraine about a missile or a drone



The ePPO application has started working in Ukraine: how to notify the Armed Forces of Ukraine about a missile or a drone

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

The Russian invaders do not stop attacking Ukrainian infrastructure and the homes of civilians with missiles and drones. If earlier Ukrainian civilians could only hope for the work of air defense, now you can make a significant contribution to the victory and report an air target yourself using the "ePPO" mobile application.

According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, the application version is currently only available for Android. You can download it through Google Play using the link.

It is emphasized that the application for iOS is still under development. Its appearance is expected in a few weeks.

How to use the ePPO application?

In order to help the Armed Forces hit air targets, it is necessary to download the "ePPO" program on a smartphone and pass authorization using "Diia". Then you need to check the operation of the application using the "test" function.

After seeing an air target or danger, you need to choose its type, the application offers the following options:

• Airplane;

• Helicopter;

• Drone;

• Rocket;

• Explosion.

After that, it is necessary to hold the smartphone in the direction of movement of the target and press the big red button: air defense specialists will see a mark on the map that will supplement the radar information for them.

In Ukraine, for the first time, a missile was shot down using the "ePPO" application: how it happened


The first missile tracked by the app was shot down on the morning of October 22. This was reported by one of the developers of the program on Facebook.

The first successful "combat application" took place in the south of Ukraine. The caliber flew very low, and due to the features of the terrain, it was impossible to track it in location. Attentive citizens saw the air target and immediately notified the military through the application. Anti-aircraft guns shot down the target quickly and without problems.

According to Gennady Suldin, an employee of the "Technari" design group, the electronic notification system worked exactly as the developers expected. He also added that "ePPO" was designed to shoot down, firstly, such low-sounding targets as calibers. Iranian drones appeared much later.