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29 Oct. 2022


Dirty bomb: what is it and for whom did Russia invent this fake?



Dirty bomb: what is it and for whom did Russia invent this fake?

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This is not the first time that the Russian Federation has accused Ukraine of creating a so-called "dirty bomb". Such statements were once again heard during telephone conversations between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his American, French, British and Turkish colleagues. But what exactly is it about? Let's figure it out.

What is a "dirty bomb" from Russian myths?

A radiological bomb or "dirty bomb" is a mixture of explosives, such as dynamite, and radioactive substances. It should not be confused with a nuclear weapon and an explosion at a nuclear power plant.

"Dirty bombs" are also called "weapons of terrorists", because they are primarily a tool of intimidation.

Why is it dangerous?

Although such a bomb cannot create a nuclear explosion, it can spread radioactive contamination in relatively small quantities and over limited distances.

The main danger of "dirty bombs" is the explosion itself, which can kill or injure people.

It is likely that the Russian Federation itself may resort to such provocations. How to save yourself?

• Head for cover and stay there.

• Listen to further instructions from authorities, emergency services or the police.

Is Ukraine really building a so-called "dirty bomb"?

Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of creating a bomb, but the aggressor has no direct evidence. In particular, this statement comes from the Russian general Igor Kirilov, responsible for radioactive substances, chemical and biological products.

He stated that the Ukrainians are creating a "dirty bomb" in order to accuse Russia of using it. Kyrylov also emphasized that the construction of this weapon "entered the final phase".

The reaction of the world community to the groundless accusations of the Russia of Ukraine regarding the production of a "dirty bomb"

The West, including Paris, London and Washington, jointly condemned Moscow's false claims. Kyiv, for its part, unequivocally rejected the accusations.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi also mocked the Russian Federation's unsubstantiated claims during his daily address with the words: "various idiocies about Ukraine that come from Moscow".

In addition, in order to shed light on this issue, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba appealed to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with a request to "urgently send experts" to two structures where, according to Russia, Ukraine is developing a "dirty bomb".

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi confirmed the visit "in the next few days", saying that one of the two sites had been inspected "a month ago" and that "no undeclared nuclear activity was detected".

Why does Moscow accuse Kyiv of creating this bomb?

According to Bruno Tertre, an employee of the Foundation for Strategic Studies, in an interview with the newspaper Libération, "Russia invents so-called sinister projects on the part of Ukraine either to justify in advance new acts of terror on its part, or to divert attention from more urgent risks".

In short, Russia will use this pretext to provoke a new escalation of the conflict. A cunning way to hide the failures it is experiencing in the south and east of Ukraine.

"No one will be fooled by an attempt to use this statement as a pretext for escalation," said a joint statement by the business ministers of several European countries.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg also denied these arguments on Twitter after a meeting with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and British defense minister Ben Wallace: "NATO allies reject this allegation. Russia should not use this as an excuse to 'escalate' the conflict in Ukraine".

Probably, this is a strategy of the Russian Federation, which can lead Russia to a preemptive strike on Ukraine. The day before, the US president warned Moscow that the use of nuclear weapons would be an "extremely serious mistake".

"If Russia uses a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb, there will be consequences", - Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder told.