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16 May. 2023


How to become a volunteer in Ukraine during the war: searching for volunteer organizations and entry rules



How to become a volunteer in Ukraine during the war: searching for volunteer organizations and entry rules

Since the beginning of the war, hundreds of people have come to Ukraine to help. In particular, foreigners and stateless persons can become volunteers. Find out more about how to become a volunteer in Ukraine and the current entry rules

Purchase insurance for safe entry to Ukraine
Purchase insurance for safe entry to Ukraine

Many people around the world are helping Ukraine fight the russian invasion every day. Hundreds of foreigners come to Ukraine to volunteer. Any citizen of any country can become a volunteer. 

Read on to find out how to become a volunteer in Ukraine and the rules of entry. 

What volunteer organizations operate in Ukraine?

A volunteer is a person who helps others voluntarily and free of charge, and a volunteer organization is a charitable organization that brings volunteers together. 

In the context of war, volunteer organizations in Ukraine are dealing with the following issues:

 Providing the Armed Forces with military supplies and necessary ammunition. 

 Helping internally displaced persons. 

 Evacuation and transportation of refugees.

 Search for asylum.

 Search for people.

 Helping lonely elderly people.

 Search for animals. 

Volunteers can also provide assistance within the framework of their professional activities, such as free medical care, tailoring, psychological support, advertising services, etc. 

Currently, the activities of most volunteer organizations in Ukraine are aimed at helping the army, supporting refugees and people affected by war.  

Read more about the list of opportunities for foreigners here.

Types of volunteer organizations in Ukraine 

Volunteer organizations in Ukraine are divided into two types: official and unofficial. 

 Official volunteer organizations are registered in the state register and have a set of documents certifying their legal status. Cooperation with official volunteer organizations simplifies border crossing for foreigners. They have the right to cooperate with large international organizations, attract investments and receive grants. Representatives of these types of volunteer organizations keep official financial statements. Members of such associations have a document that certifies their affiliation with a particular organization - a volunteer passport. 

 Informal volunteer organizations are usually formed on the initiative of one or more people. Most often, they deal with a small list of needs, such as solving the problems of a particular locality or person: they deliver humanitarian aid to certain cities, purchase military ammunition for a specific person (relative or friend). 

In both cases, volunteer organizations are non-profit structures and are funded by sponsors (individuals, legal entities, etc.). 

How to choose a direction for volunteer assistance?

1. Choose the area that best resonates with you: helping the army, caring for children, rescuing animals, etc. 

2. Find volunteer organizations or associations that focus on the area you are interested in. 

Important! Unfortunately, the number of scammers who profit from other people's misfortunes has increased dramatically. Therefore, carefully check the information about the volunteer organization, visit only official websites or ask your friends for recommendations.

During the war, Ukrainian volunteers have already established most of the processes in the country. Therefore, it will be easiest to contact an official volunteer organization and ask what kind of help they need now.

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What can a foreigner do as a volunteer in Ukraine in practice?

 Coordinate various processes, such as accepting applications for the purchase of ammunition, evacuation, delivery of medicines, removal of animals, etc. 

 Seek asylum for refugees. 

 Create petitions. 

 Work in the IT army: fight against hostile news channels, write complaints, send them to spam. 

 Become a car volunteer: take people out, deliver goods, etc. 

 Be a blood donor. 

 Physical assistance to organizations: cooking, feeding people, delivering food and medicines to targeted locations. 

 Professional assistance: psychological support, medical care, etc. 

 Give away your own things that are needed for someone.

 Financial support: making a charitable contribution.

How to find volunteer organizations in Ukraine?  

Finding volunteer organizations is quite easy. Enter the appropriate search query on the Internet and read the list of official organizations.

Self-organized volunteer associations are also easy to find. Look for relevant information on social media. Pay attention to posts by people you trust and ask your friends.

How can a foreigner become a volunteer in Ukraine?

This procedure can be divided into several stages:

1. Choose a non-governmental organization or charitable foundation with which you plan to cooperate and become a member. 

2. Receive a letter of invitation to volunteer in Ukraine from a state or local government agency or a non-governmental organization that has the right to engage foreign volunteers in its activities.

3. Prepare the necessary package of documents for obtaining a D visa (if the country does not have a visa-free regime).

4. Prepare documents for entry into Ukraine and pass the border control. 

5. Prepare and submit documents to the Migration Service for a temporary residence permit. 

6. Register your place of residence in Ukraine.

7. Notify the National Social Service of Ukraine.

8. In case of termination of volunteer activity, notify the State Migration Service and return the certificate.

Traveling to Ukraine in times of war has many risks, so we recommend that you take care of appropriate insurance before you travel

How can a volunteer enter Ukraine?

Ukraine has approved special conditions for the entry of volunteers: 

 Visa-free regime

Citizens of countries with which Ukraine has established a visa-free regime have the right to work as volunteers in the country for up to 90 days without special permission. 

Those who decide to stay in Ukraine for a longer period of time need to apply for a residence permit for volunteers. Working for a volunteer organization in Ukraine is a direct basis for obtaining a residence permit in the country. 

 Volunteer visa to Ukraine

Citizens of countries that require a visa to enter Ukraine must apply for a Ukrainian volunteer visa (D-10) in their country of residence before traveling. The period for issuing a D visa is from several days to a month.

Read more about the rules for entering Ukraine during the war here.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for volunteers

On the basis of a volunteer visa (D-10) or visa-free regime, you can stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days. For a longer stay, you need to apply for a residence permit at the local department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine (in the region of residence). 

- The list of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for volunteering: 

- passport with translation into Ukrainian; 

- documents on payment of administrative services and state fees; 

- health insurance policy for a foreigner for a period of 1 year;

- submission of the organization for participation in the volunteer program to which the foreigner has arrived;

- a certificate of state registration of the organization.

The period for issuing a temporary residence permit ranges from 15 working days to two months.

After obtaining a residence permit, it is mandatory to register your place of residence within 30 calendar days (obtain a residence permit). 

Become a part of the great Ukrainian Victory, choose the area of assistance you are interested in and join the army of volunteers today.

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