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18 Oct. 2023


Do Romanian citizens need a visa to Ukraine in 2023?



Do Romanian citizens need a visa to Ukraine in 2023?

Ukraine's land borders are open to foreign travelers. Learn more about how to get to Ukraine from Romania and whether foreigners need a visa to cross the border

Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine
Buy insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

Ukrainian culture and nature attract tourists even despite military risks and closed airspace. According to official information, in the first 7 months of 2023, more than 1.3 million foreigners came to the country, among whom 232,942 were citizens of Romania - this is the second place in the rating. Many tourists also visited Ukraine in 2022.

Foreigners are attracted by Ukrainian monuments of culture and history, romantic and mystical places, and many join the ranks of volunteers.

The introduction of martial law did not affect the migration legislation and the rules of entry into Ukraine. To travel, tourists are required to issue a visa or prepare documents for visa-free entry, the list of which depends on the traveler's citizenship.

Do Romanian citizens need a visa to Ukraine in 2023? The rules of safe travel are further.

It should be noted that over 230 thousand tourists from Romania visited Ukraine in the first half of 2023.

Rules of entry from Romania to Ukraine

A visa-free regime has been established between Romania and Ukraine, so in most cases, Romanians have the right to unhindered entry to Ukraine. However, there are exceptions when travelers from Romania still have to issue a permit to enter Ukraine.

When do Romanians not need a visa to Ukraine?

In order to obtain the right to visa-free entry to Ukraine, the travel of a Romanian citizen must meet the following two requirements:

● Planned stay of less than 90 days within a 180-day period.

● The purpose of the trip is tourism, visiting relatives, seminars or other short-term trips. It is forbidden to work or study without a visa.

What documents are required for visa-free entry to Ukraine from Romania?

The basis for crossing the border of Ukraine is a valid foreign passport. It is also necessary to have:

health insurance policy;

● confirmation of the purpose of the trip;

● sufficient financial support for the entire period of the planned stay in Ukraine and for returning to the country of origin;

● absence of a decision of the authorized state body of Ukraine to prohibit entry into Ukraine.

Also, foreigners do not need to provide proof of vaccination and wear a protective mask. Since July 1, all restrictions and quarantine measures related to the Covid-19 epidemic have been canceled in Ukraine.

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How to confirm the purpose of a trip to Ukraine?

Depending on the purpose of the trip, it can be confirmed with one of the following documents:

● Visiting relatives – invitations from citizens of Ukraine (family members, acquaintances, friends, etc.).

● Tourism – confirmation of the booked tour and the availability of accommodation in Ukraine: hotel reservations, apartment rental contracts, etc.

● Attending events – invitations/tickets to seminars, exhibitions, fairs.

● Medical tourism – documents about treatment in medical facilities.

● Business visit – written confirmation of a meeting, conference, etc.; invitations from companies and organizations.

Financial support for travel to Ukraine

For a comfortable stay in Ukraine, you need an average of $45 per day per person.

Representatives of the State Border Service conduct a check of financial support on a selective basis. You can confirm the availability of a sufficient amount of funds in cash by providing a bank statement, an ATM check, etc.

When does a Romanian citizen need a visa to travel to Ukraine?

It is necessary to issue a visa for entering Ukraine if:

1. The planned period of stay in Ukraine exceeds 90 days;

2. A foreigner plans to work or study in Ukraine.

It is necessary to obtain a long-term visa (type "D") before traveling, at the embassy or consulate of Ukraine located in Romania. It is better to apply for a visa three months before the planned trip to Ukraine.

After arriving in Ukraine on the basis of a long-term visa, it is necessary to issue a residence permit. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine consists of several stages and requires the preparation of a certain list of documents. A migration lawyer will help you understand all the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation. Order a consultation of highly qualified specialists using the link.

How to plan a trip to Ukraine? Useful tips from Visit Ukraine

● 1 step – Book a tour

In order to plan a trip to Ukraine, you need to book an interesting and safe tour or make an individual travel itinerary. Also, Visit Ukraine announced the launch of a special project - Donat-tours to Ukraine, which is designed to attract foreign tourists to travel to the de-occupied and front-line regions of southern Ukraine and to give everyone the opportunity to become a volunteer and part of Ukraine's victory. Read about the difference between military tours and donation tours here.

● Step 2 – Make a route

The airspace in Ukraine is closed, so in order for your trip to pass as quickly and comfortably as possible, you should plan it in advance.

The most convenient and popular option for a trip to Ukraine among foreigners is to fly to one of the European airports located near the Ukrainian border and continue the trip to the chosen Ukrainian city by bus or train. Also, many tourists prefer to travel by their own car.

We have prepared for you some of the most convenient travel routes from Romania to Ukraine. Look for them at the link

● Step 3 – Buy tickets

An important stage of preparing a trip to Ukraine is the process of purchasing tickets. To make your trip as comfortable as possible, you should choose only proven ticket purchase services. Thousands of travelers book tickets on the Visit Ukraine portal. Plane, train or bus - a ticket for any type of transport in one place. You can see the schedule and make a reservation by following the link.

● Step 4 – Find housing

Ukraine has a very wide base of accommodation facilities. During your vacation, you can stay in a hotel with different stars, a hostel, rent an apartment or rest in a guest house. Also, when booking a hotel, pay attention to the availability of nearby shelters.

● Step 5 – Take care of insurance

A medical insurance policy is a mandatory document for visa-free entry to Ukraine. However, when traveling to Ukraine under martial law, it is worth taking care of an insurance policy that covers the indemnification of war-related risks. Insure your health and life in order to receive financial compensation in the event of an insured event. The insurance policy applies to foreign citizens, subjects of another state and stateless persons. There are no age restrictions. Military risk insurance is a guarantee of your protected stay on the territory of Ukraine. Apply for reliable insurance quickly and easily using the link.

● Step 6 – Prepare for the trip

Your journey to Ukraine begins at the moment of boarding a plane, train or car. In order for it to be unforgettable and comfortable, it is important to prepare the necessary arsenal of things in advance. Find out what you should take with you on vacation in our material. Also, familiarize yourself with the most typical mistakes that foreign tourists make when planning a trip to Ukraine, so as not to repeat them.

● Step 7 – If you are traveling in your own car

  If you plan to travel to Ukraine in your own car, be sure to purchase a "Green Card" insurance policy. We talked in detail about the rules for traveling to Ukraine by car with foreign registration in this article.

You can check the current state of queues for entry into Ukraine from Europe by following the link.

Tourists who will come to Ukraine without their own transport are advised to rent a car in order to feel more mobile.

● Step 8 – Rules for safe travel in Ukraine

  When traveling in Ukraine under martial law, be sure to follow safety rules and do not violate the curfew.

Do you have any questions? Contact the managers of Visit Ukraine for help at any stage of preparation for a trip to Ukraine, as well as during your stay in the country.

Ukraine is an interesting and multifaceted country, which is rich in natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage sites, turbulent history and delicious cuisine. Every traveler falls in love with the country already during the first trip, so we invite you on a fabulous journey!

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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