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10 Apr. 2022


UHRA offers Ukrainian refugees jobs in the hospitality industry

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UHRA offers Ukrainian refugees jobs in the hospitality industry

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Ukrainian Association of Hotels and Resorts (UHRA) together with Hosco - a global network of hoteliers - offers employment for refugees from Ukraine in the field of European hospitality.

The Hosco project has already collected more than 2,000 job offers from their global network of employers and even more vacancies are added daily. Vacancies are available for refugees in Portugal, France, Malta, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, etc. Currently they are working fruitfully on vacancies in Croatia and Romania (summer season is ahead, more than 20 thousand jobs are being created).

The database of vacancies for Ukrainian refugees contains information about the company, work and direct contacts, as well as whether the employer provides assistance with obtaining a visa and accommodation.

Visit http://advice.hosco.com/hosco-jobs-for-ukraine, section "Available work". In the list you will be able to view all available offers from employers, verification and monitoring of which is constantly carried out by the platform, in accordance with their rules. Then follow the instructions on the page to find out how you can apply for the vacancy you see.

In addition, for professional development as a hospitality specialist, UHRA recommends joining the Hosco professional community for free to access all additional opportunities, contacts with other hoteliers and distance learning.