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Services for learning German

For refugees


Services for learning German

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Free services for learning German

The need for foreign languages for Ukrainians has grown significantly since the beginning of the war. Ukrainians, urgently looking for a new home in other countries, often choose Germany as their new residence place. For comfortable coexistence in other countries, you should learn the local language. Here is a list of free resources to help you learn German.

1. Easy German

Easy German offers to learn German by listening to passers-by, demonstrating interesting language connections used in everyday situations. This method will give you the opportunity to regularly immerse yourself in the language environment, which will significantly speed up the learning process. Friendly and cheerful presenters ask people on the streets a variety of questions - answering which, people use a variety of useful colloquial expressions. The channel publishes many videos about German grammar and vocabulary, life in Germany, Easy German also has a weekly podcast. An excellent resource to improve your conversational German skills.

2. Deutsche Welle

The world-famous German broadcaster offers its resources for learning German. For instance, you can choose a course at your level with lots of different multimedia materials that cover all aspects of language learning. For beginners, there is a good Nicos Weg course that helps you learn the language by watching short videos about a man who decided to go to Germany. Before choosing a course, do not forget to take a test to determine the level of knowledge. The test can be found on the main page of the site. There you can also read, listen, watch and study adapted materials.

3. vhs-Lernportal

Intuitive resource with free courses for levels A1-B2. In addition to courses, you can find a variety of materials to study, such as texts about hobbies and healthy eating. APOLL-Zeitung is published every two weeks - an online newspaper written in simple language, from which you can learn about current events in the world and learn new words. If you need German to move to Germany, the site has a special course to prepare for the Leben in Deutschland knowledge test, you must pass it to obtain citizenship.

4. Deutsch Online

Site about the German language, life and culture of Germany. Good for anyone just starting to learn German, because there are many articles on the site that explain grammar rules in Russian and with simple examples. Many tables, thematic vocabulary, a rich media library with audio, video and texts will help to cover different aspects of language learning. The site also features German radio and television broadcasts, language test recommendations and a forum where you can ask questions and discuss everything related to language and life studies in Germany.

5. Deutsch Info

A site that will allow you not only to improve your German, but also to find useful information about life and work in Germany and Austria. Grammar articles, free courses for levels A1-B2 and a large media library with a lot of interesting things will help you learn the language. Deutsch Info boasts an intuitive interface and a user-friendly search engine. The materials are divided into categories, everyone will be able to find what interests him - whether it's documentaries, aphorisms, blog posts or even fables.

6. Glossika

Another useful tool that can help you learn German. Glossika uses a special system based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to quickly learn spoken language and not forget what you have already learned. You will be able to listen to German sentences written by a native speaker and practice speaking on your own. Exercises are suitable for both beginners and those who already know the language. Due to regular repetitions, the material will be remembered for a long time and the use of phrases in the language will be natural.

It is best to combine different resources and tools to make the learning process more interesting and the result more effective.

Paid services for learning German, which opened free access to Ukrainians

Many paid foreign language learning services have decided to support Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their country by opening access to a premium subscription and making it free. Training materials will help to improve grammar, prepare for a test, improve the level of spoken language or learn it from scratch.


The Busuu service provides a free 3-month Premium subscription for all Ukrainians. It will allow you to learn one of 13 languages, including Polish, German, French and English. Busuu tools help you learn to build sentences correctly and memorize words.

The subscription is available with a gift voucher, which can be obtained at the link.


Duolingo's popular language learning platform has not been left out: the owners are handing out advertising revenue from foreigners studying Ukrainian to support Ukraine. Also through partners (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Rescue Committee) will distribute codes to access Duolingo Plus, so that refugees and those who receive them can use the premium version for free. Also, the good news is that Duolingo English Test will exempt Ukrainian students from paying.


LingQ Premium is now available for free to all Ukrainians. The platform allows you to learn the language based on any content: books, articles, songs, YouTube videos, podcasts and even emails. German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, English and 32 other languages ​​are available here.

To access the premium, you need to register and contact support.


To speed up the adaptation of Ukrainians in the new country, Babbel provided free access to its program with short interactive lessons for 3 months. You need a promo code to activate - you can get it by following the link. Courses in German, Polish, Italian, English and other languages ​​are available for study.

However, there is a nuance: Ukrainian as the source language of the course is not yet available - the developers are working to introduce it. But if you know a little English or Polish, feel free to download the application.


Mondly has also opened a free premium for all Ukrainians who want to learn any of the 25 European languages. Yes, Ukrainians have access to 1000 lessons with conversational practice, 8 conversational modules, a dictionary.

To activate additional features of the platform, you need to register, select Ukrainian as the source language and press the "premium" button.


Drops offers Ukrainians a free premium subscription for a year, while working to add the Ukrainian language to its mobile application. You can learn more than 45 languages ​​in the format of short games.

To access the free subscription, fill out the form at the link and the support team will email you the code.


The international online educational platform Preply is selecting volunteer tutors for IDPs and refugees from Ukraine who want to learn or improve their language skills. Lessons are held in the format of video conferences lasting 60 minutes, only group classes. To participate, fill out the form at the link.

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